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Thread: Peeing in the Shower

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    Default Peeing in the Shower

    No doubt in my mind that a lot of us do it. Hell it all goes in the same place...and its sterile so why not? I pee in the shower but, my other thread made me wonder, who else does? And if you don't why not?

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    I share a bathroom with my sister and it doesn't really seem very polite to pee there.

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    I pee in the shower also! XD It just happends I have no real control over it.

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    I voted no because I really don't do it anymore. I used to do it every day but not really anymore.

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    I only pee in the shower if someone's showering with me. Only the best for the guest

    j/k....I do pee in the shower though. It all goes down the same drain

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    Every time since I was 8. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    I pee in the shower also! XD It just happends I have no real control over it.
    Ah yea i'll just be standing there and bam i'll be going :l

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