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Thread: I know there are lots of artists out there, but are there any animators?

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    Default I know there are lots of artists out there, but are there any animators?

    I was just wondering if there were any other animators/3d/VFX people in here! I used to work with a guy that, in retrospect, MUST have been a babyfur.

    Where are you all hiding?

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    I'm in a graphic design technical highschool program, but I make 2d animations as a hobby! I also enter animation contests sometimes! I hope to persue it in collage.

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    Nice dude! Do you have any stuff you care to show? I don't do much outside of work anymore, but I'm trying to get my ass in gear haha. I'm a Maya guy mainly. Do you use flash for 2d? or are you full on traditional style?

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    well I do know quite a bit about animating and special effects. i'm a After Effects guy and know my way around

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