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    I am married and ware diapers my wife let me ware and even changes me when I am in them. I just want to talk to people that understand. I am a normal person and talk and act like one. I just want to talk to someone that on the same page as me. Just because I ware diaper dose not mean I need to always talk about sex and getting off there are other stuff out there in people life. so if you want to talk about other stuff and not about sexual stuff I okay with that.

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    Well hey there Daniel!! Nice too meet 'cha. I certainly hope you like to talk about more then just gettin off and wearing diapers.
    It's a good thing too cause I want to talk about movies.
    My favorite movie is The Fox and the Hound, its a simple instant classic aint it?
    You gotta have a fave too!!! What is it?

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