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Thread: Using your real name online

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    Post Using your real name online

    I haven't posted that much after my intro post. For the past couple weeks, I've been unintentionally purging my desire. Not drastically, mind you. I have learned to accept and flow with my binge/purge cycle.

    Anyway, to the topic that I initiated from the title. As you can see from my user name, I am using my real name on the forum.

    If you follow news about World of Warcraft, you probably know the debate about mandating a requirement for real names in the WoW forum. It may seem a little crazy and downright scary. But I feel that putting my name online has given me a reason to think before I type.

    Think about it... for over 20 years, people have used fake usernames to write whatever they want. Though this freedom does have its merits, it can get very bad. There is always a human behind the keyboard, so forum fights can leave a real person hurt.

    That's what I think. What do you guys think about this debate?

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    I can understand that. Personally I don't share my name on this forum (but I do share it only to people I am friends with here). It just depends on the type of person and how open they will be to other people here on this site. I know the issues that arise with fake usernames but some people are open to share that information on the site. I know times have changed in which this is turning to an impossibility due to us being in the age of Facebook and social networking. It is kind of a complicated issue but imo it will always depend on either the motive of the person and their personal belief on how open they are to share personal information on a forum. Here, I can only go so far as to sharing who I really am. In location, I only narrow myself to state, and I would never post a personal picture of myself permanently on the forum.

    I think this should be in the mature topics forum cause this thread seems real interesting for mature discussion.

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    I'm fine with anonymity. I'm more than fine with it, I think it's essential for many areas of the Internet. I'm also fine with sites that want to work off real names but I would avoid them. Although I'm willing to take your word for it since it matters very little to me, I have no idea that you have used your real name, only that you have used a name that is certainly real (I'm sure lots of people have that name and probably more than one in the location you've given). Whether or not that's you is another matter. I'm not asking for any proof here, just illustrating a point. The Internet is still largely anonymous regardless of whether or not you approach it with a mind to use that anonymity or disregard it. The name's not Trevor, either.

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    It all depends on the site. My username on this stie has my first name in it but not my last. On many other forums I go to i will user my real name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    It is kind of a complicated issue but imo it will always depend on either the motive of the person and their personal belief on how open they are to share personal information on a forum.

    I think this should be in the mature topics forum cause this thread seems real interesting for mature discussion.
    Your right that its a complicated issue. Look at the WoW thread about this debate for a wide range of problems and support for it.

    About having this thread in the mature topic, I was considering that but decided to put it in the general off-topic section.

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    My username is obviously not my IRL name. I only tell my name to people I get to know, and that is through private message.

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    While I understand how anonymity on the internet can allow people to show less courtesy and restraint than they would in real life, I can't agree with forcing people to show their real names online. While it may lead to people putting more thought into their posts, it can also lead to unfortunate things, like stalking, having someone who doesn't agree with you track you down in anger to get revenge (which has happened even with anonymous names), causing people to be outed IRL when they don't want to be on sites such as this, etc. Some people may be fine with that, but for others, that would cause major problems. Anonymity is important in a place like the internet, it is a big part of it. Forcing people into the uncomfortable position of stating their real names online would cause more problems than it prevents. People like trolls are easy enough to deal with, ignore them. Sure they tend to ruin threads, but they can't cause you any real harm unless you let them. If people knew who you really were and had a problem with you, they could cause real harm.

    Also, people would be less likely to seek out support for certain things if they could no longer be anonymous, when they might gotten help otherwise if they did not have to state their name.

    I know from experience that words can hurt, so I'm not saying that one cannot be hurt by nameless people maliciously teasing them online. I am, however, saying that mandating identification is not the answer. It can lead to more problems, arguably worse than anonymity causes.

    If people want to state their name, great. But forcing people to is not the answer either.

    My 2 cents.

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    My username here is not my real name. However, on other sites, I use a name that is based on my real name. It really all depends on the content of the site. If it is something that I don't really mind being "public" like YouTube, I use my real name.

    Based upon what I have posted, it is possible for some people to track me down on here, but I doubt anyone would want to. I also don't play Wow, but if I did, I would not want to use my real name on the servers.

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    Having only read the first post, I have this to say:

    Avoid it as much as possible, ESPECIALLY here unless you're confident in everything that's associated with being a member with this site. Not that there's anything bad, but as it's warned the media can be brutal.

    Trust me, from past experiences. Names online = BAD

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    I haven't, and don't intend to, ever share my real name with anyone across the internet. By this, I mean my full name, first, middle, and last. I've been known to share my first name with close friends, but when it boils down to it, you never know if the person you're talking to is going to be the next star of Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator, right?
    Seeing as an IP can be used to pinpoint your location down to a general area (sometimes much more presice), it would be a simple matter for anyone that had a mind to find you to do just that, if they have your full name. I would say safety is your number one priority, especially in this world we live in nowdays.
    It's your perogitave to share your full name with anyone that cares to see it, but I personally wouldn't be caught dead giving out mine.

    Also, CushiesKid had a really good point too.

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