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Thread: First diaper try!

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    Default First diaper try!

    Right now, I'm wearing the first diaper i've had faor along time, it's a s/m girls good nite that I stole from my sister.

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    Cool... does it fit well?

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    No, it broke and I had to duck tape it. I wish I had some L/XL

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    aww... that's too bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeep View Post
    No, it broke and I had to duck tape it. I wish I had some L/XL
    Then why don't you go buy some. Stealing is still stealing, and that is wrong. Go get some if you want them to fit. I'm sure you can get a pack for $15-$20.

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    WalMart was selling them 10 dollars a pack for the smaller pack, 120 lb. size. I bought two. Like everyone has said, they work o.k. for one wetting.

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    Add some sort of a stuffer or just cut one up and put it inside the other, that way it lasts a little longer, I had one I tryed with a tena guard and it suprised me how well it worked.

    It was a boys xl goodnights.....and a tena guard.

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