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Thread: making my diaper last longer

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    Default making my diaper last longer

    I bot some diapers that don't work all that grate for me.
    so what I'm asking is dues it work win you pock a hall in one diaper
    and pals another diaper over it help make it last longer.

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    Your talking about what I have heard referred to as "diaper doubling". I myself have never done this, but from everything I've heard this does work.

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    I dont even poke a hole. I just put one one, use a knife to slice 2 big long straight lines from back to front. About 4 inches from the top of the diaper. And then stick t he next over top. Works like a charm. I actually just experimented with it a while back and found that when one got full, I'd put another one and slice the last open, I got up to 5 or 6, it was ridiculous. But after a while you can stream because it takes too long to strain through.

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    The only thing that sucks is you gotta clean up the now wet fluff when you're done.

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