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Thread: Milk in bags, eh?

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    Default Milk in bags, eh?

    People seemed to be surprised that us eastern Canadians have milk in bags... and I think BC does too. Is it really that weird?

    For those of you who are just confused:

    Some other weird "Canadian" things:
    -Ketchup and Dill Pickle chips
    -Maple syrup on snow (not even I knew about this until today)
    -Bloody Caesar

    And just to Canadianize this even more:

    So... what weird things do you have that other people may not have even heard about that you are just used to? Slang words? Foods? Customs? Doesn't need to be national, could be just in your town/city, or even in your neighbourhood.

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    Oh you crazy Ontario kids and your bagged milk. Saskatchewan used to have them, but only paper cartons and plastic jugs now. The one oddity that comes to mind is that back home, in Saskatoon, we call hooded sweatshirts/hoodies 'bunny hugs' for some reason and I've never heard the term come up anywhere else.

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    We only have wine in bags here.

    Ironic, since milk sort of originates in 'bags'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    and I think BC does too
    I don't think they do. I was out there last December and I was told that bagged milk was exclusive to Eastern Canada.

    As far as I know, there really isn't anything about Markham that's worth mentioning. All I can really think of is how around here, the term "Pacific Mall" is synonymous with bootleg movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    -Maple syrup on snow (not even I knew about this until today)
    I don't think this one is Canada-specific. I've read about people doing that in a few books about settlerin'.

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    Maple syrup on snow is something I did quite often while growing up in New England. It is not unique to Canada at all - we do have sugar maples and maple syrup production in the northeast US, after all.

    Maple syrup on snow is also very, very delicious.

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    Nope. No bagged milk in the capital of B.C. here.

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    Hmm... So it IS only eastern Canada. GET WITH THE TIMES, WEST!

    Wow... even AMERICANS have had maple syrup on snow... I feel dirty for not knowing about this sooner. >_>

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    I've known about cooling maple syrup on snow and nomming on it for years...

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    We totally have milk in bags here. IN BC. We even have tossed salad in bags. And even then, tossed salad in a CARTON. We even have wine in fridge-shelf-shaped-shapes. So that you can maximize fridge space and make less trips to the liquor store. God bless Canada. You can get a lot of weird stuff in a bag. Now what I want, is a milk man who delivers damned glass milks to my door. Everything tastes better from a glass bottle.

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