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Thread: Savour the Packaging?

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    Default Savour the Packaging?

    Personally, when I get a new package of diapers, especially a type I've never tried before, I like to examine all of it before I rip it open. I like to read all the descriptions, how to use, etc.

    I was just wondering if anyone else does this before they indulge in the actual diapers.

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    I do this all the time. I could probably recite the copy word for word on a number of different diaper packages!

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    i does that too i thought i wa only one

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    I love to do that, not only with new diapers, but also with the ones I have already bought. I also love to read the packs while I am wearing. I like to know more about things I like, and the packages are generally a good start. And I love diapers!

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    yep same here I always read the packaging on new diapers

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    I always do this. It makes me happy to sit on the floor with a diaper from an old pack on and hold an unopen pack thinking "these aren't just diapers, they're my diapers". If you've never read the packaging before, think about that for a few seconds. It's an interesting realization that those aren't diapers in your hand, they're your diapers.

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    I do when I get something new or the packaging has changed. Sadly though alot of the diaper I buy by the case are packed in just clear plastic.

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    Yep I do this too, examine every square inch of the package, every single pack.

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    Well I'm glad to see I'm definately not the only one that does this : )

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    Ha we're all so into that. I even used to keep one of each package and open it gently along the seems so I could fold it up nicely and then store it for later. Like, milestones, you know?

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