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Thread: " Deadliest Catch " (Anybody watch last night)

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    Default " Deadliest Catch " (Anybody watch last night)

    Caught this last night, (sadly) I think It was one the hardest things I have ever had to watch on TV. Even though I (as most viewers did) knew it was coming it was still very tough to watch.

    I almost shut it off a couple times but somehow could not. The last 5 minutes when the rest of the fleet and especially Sig were told brought me to tears.

    It's amazing how close you can feel to a person you have never met or even talked to. I'm kinda hating reality TV right now.

    I am however impressed with the way Discovery handled the show.

    Found this Quote on line and it echos my feeling while watching last night.

    "The funny thing about reality television is that it is meant to exploit dramatic moments. There is nothing more dramatic than death but, until now, we have never really seen one on a reality show (at least that I can remember). Given their reputation, you would think that reality show producers would be foaming at the mouth for such juicy footage, but when it comes to an actual death—not some silly breakdown on a Caribbean island or a vicious table flipping—there are certain standards of tact that the public will demand. The Deadliest Catch certainly lived up to the challenge. "

    Whole article is here, The Deadliest Catch Shows Us What a Televised Death Looks Like

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    I love Deadliest Catch, been watching it since the original specials. I will definitely be watching the special ep for Phil next week, and yes, I cried during last week's episode. It was especially hard to watch his two sons fighting, knowing that Phil was basically dying at the same time... so sad for their whole family.

    I think they've been pretty tasteful with their coverage so far, and I hope that continues.

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