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Thread: Protection for dribbly boys...

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    Default Protection for dribbly boys...

    most times after i pee...i dribble pee for a few mins after...enough so it spots my undies and shorts. What can i wear for protection? and ps i dont like pads.

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    i mean ones that look like real kids trainers and not some frilly silly thing

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    It depends (not the brand lol). If you're slim enough, you can use Goodnites or Underjams. Even though you said no pads, maybe use baby diapers as liners.

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    could work. but how would i attach them to my undies ?

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    Double-stick tape would probably work to attach a Goodnite or Underjam

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    could work. but how would i attach them to my undies ?
    You can use the tabs, since they are velcro, to attach them to the back. Maybe use some scotch tape on the front.

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    i wish i could afford the cloth pull up trainers you see online

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    Hmmm, something has just occured to me. Why not wear just plastic pants for a while?

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    could but my undies still get stained and ruined >>

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