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Thread: What's the Appeal to sissies?

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    Default What's the Appeal to sissies?

    I mean is the Sissie thing a Domination/Humiliation thing? I mean not all sissies are crossdressers when they are adults and many of them are simply straight men.... But I'm just trying to figure out what the appeal is is all. Is it mostly humiliation or what?

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    Some men just like to be in the submissive position. It isn't that that want to be humiliated per se. Getting another man off can be an extremely erotic experience.

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    im a sissy baby and all i can tell you is that i just love being dressed as a not gay but love to be dressed in pink and yellow dresses,love a mommy to cuddle me as she makes me her babygirl.i think being close to mother is better for a girl so i think thats why i love being a sissybaby.

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    I guess I will try to give some sort of answer. This is not a simple question though. It seems to me like there are lots of different types of sissies. It's slightly like how people are into diapers for different reasons. To me it's pretty much about being as girly & cute as possible. I might lean more toward being transgender (not the same as transsexual, by the way. Transgender is a more broad term for people slightly to extremely unhappy about being born a guy or girl, though some areas have unfairly"slang-ized" the word transgender to mean the same thing as transsexual. Anyway, it's kinda like how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square.), but others might be completely happy being a guy. People are just into it for different reasons.

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    I don't consider myself as a "sissy" by its usual definition however I often Identify myself as one because it comes closest to describing my diaper "style". For me it is just what feels natural. When I went to buy diapers for the first time I got girls pull-ups without even thinking twice about it and shortly after I got some cute clothes to go along with them. The way I see it is its sort of like being a AB or furry but instead of becoming a baby or animal sissy's become girls and like everything associated with this fetish being a sissy takes many forms. In my case it has nothing to do with domination or submissiveness. When I'm diapered I just feel like a girl and when I'm not I'm just an average straight guy with typical guy interests. I have no problems with being born a guy (I'm actually pretty happy with that) and I rarely have any desire to wear girls clothes without diapers so I don't consider myself a cross dresser. So the appeal for me is just enjoying my diapers in the way that feels best for me, as a girl

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    Some one told me that the baby girl clothing was better looking more cute that is then baby boy stuff that is how he got into sissy stuff.Foxkits

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    To me being a baby girl is much better then being a baby boy I find little girl clothing cute same as shippo above I define myself as transgender.

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    For me it's a few things. The first and foremost being the same reason I'm AB - innocence. Girls have a more innocent image than boys in the public eye, especially little girls.
    The submission thing is part of it, too.

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