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Thread: Keeping cool in diapers

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    Default Keeping cool in diapers

    Hey all, since summer weather finally hit the North East of the U.S., I thought I would start a thread on keeping cool in diapers when it's hot and muggy outside. For me the best is still locking myself inside with fans or the A.C. blasting but how do you all keep cool?

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    Butterfly Mage


    The choice of diaper can be important too. Attends and Molicare have selections with breathable sides.

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    Cloth backed diapers are my weapon of choice. Abena air plusses.

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    I'm only thankful for the summer temperatures currently in Holland and not diaper issues. It's a nice and different experience for a change to walk around the house minimal or not dressed with just the diaper on.

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    Yeah, I have to say, cloth backed diapers work better for keeping you cool. When I used to use pampers, I was never hot (maybe warm when I wet them (, but now that I'm using the plastic covered depends, and hopefully bambinos soon, they do get pretty hot.

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    Where I live it's summer all the time. I have no AC during the day (house rules) and just use a fan on. I've been in a goodnite since 10PM till 4PM. 6 hours shy of 24. but let me tell you I'm used to the heat. I'm actually a bit cooler in diapers since I take off my pants and just use a shirt! XD

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    ouch sorry! i heard about the heatwave in NYC yesterday! over 100 farenheit! you know whats worse about it, is that because its an urban center with an incredible amount of buildings, it absorbs a lot of heat during the day and releases it at night so it doesnt cool down even at night! god i feel sorry for anyone whos there right now!

    i dont wear any other diapers other than goodnites really, they get hot unless they are worn on theyr own and my parents dont know so i cant really wear them unless im alone, which is not often

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    Yah, it's been hovering between 98 and 102 here according to the bank and the college I Pass on the way home. I have issues with wearing during this time of the year, just because of the heat my diaper traps. I think i might switch to cloth backed for the time being but i havent quite thought that one through. Since the heat started I try to stay in the AC as much as possible and when I go to my warehouse job I end up just taking it off and making sure I hit the bathroom once ever hour. It seems to work rather well, although massively inconvenient and I would still be in trouble if i got a sudden urge to pee.
    I have to say, when my daddy and I went to Hershey 2 weeks ago it was absolute hell wearing... I was thankful that we were able to spend as much of the hot part of the day in the water park as we did but, with all of the coasters, I didn't get much choice other than dehydrate or suffer and sweat. I really would prefer to not have to deal with urine soaked pants in 95 degree heat lol. Must say though, after the morning the pool was a most amazing reward

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    I'm in the middle of a heatwave.... It's gotten up to 105 Fahrenheit, and been around 100 every day... I just haven't been wearing. The AC doesn't help me because my room is the oldest room in the house, and has no insulation! I'm being completely honest! There is no Insulation in my walls. By the time we figured that out, my parents decided that I only have a year and a half left before I go to college.

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