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Thread: furry drawing sites?

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    Default furry drawing sites?

    Lately ive been trying to draw my fursona but i realized im not that good at drawing furries -.- so i was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that could help me draw furries better? Any help would be awesome.

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    thanks Stone. these websites will really help. ^_^

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    hehe no problem ^^

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    I think there's some very helpful stuff there. But... is there anything out there that's more step-by-step? rather than....

    step one: okay I can do that. no problem
    step two: hmmm... a little tricky, but I can do that.
    step three: WTF?! why'd they skip so far ahead?! I'm lost now! (more like step ten, and everything from three to nine was left out.)

    Also, a big problem I have is lack of a scanner. And I have no place to put one, unless it's small (and low price is kinda important too). Most are like two times too big. So I am not able to do anything on paper. I could take pictures, but it never quite turns out right that way. I have ended up doing everything in MS Paint so far.

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    Maybe get a tablet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleycat009 View Post
    Maybe get a tablet?
    i want to get one but was wondering what changes in quality cus prices for those things can go from like $20-$200 and probly higher

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    Size and DPI rating mostly.

    The higher the DPI, the more accurate it is.

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    I have a tablet.

    As far as size goes, I think it depends on two things:
    1) size of workspace
    2) your working style

    I tend to prefer moving my entire arm as much as possible, so I feel better working with a larger tablet (9x11 inches). Somebody else I know prefers smaller wrist movements, and this person uses a smaller tablet. (4x6 inches)
    Of course, larger tablets will be more expensive. You could also consider spending buying a smaller tablet and a better program, because the programs packaged with tablets aren't always so great. (although still much better than nothing!)

    And as far as drawing tips go, I say use whatever resources you have.

    Whenever I need to figure out how to draw something, I use Google Images to look up reference images. Occasionally, I look to the works of other artists (including a few of the links posted previously) to help learn how reference images can be stylized or humanized.

    Reference images can be most helpful for learning how to draw. Looking at the works of others can help open you to new style ideas. Use both liberally, and you'll continue to grow as an artist!

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    Drawing Furries requires a particularly higher understanding of human anatomy then the typical figure artist, however ironic that is. There isn't much that a website can do for you, you need to figure things out. I recommend picking up a few art books, and drawing the way they tell you to.
    Yes... I mean it, it honestly is the way to learn art. You cant just cartoon without being able to understand the world from a fine art perspective.
    Go to a website like Version 3.0 and post your general art there, start a sketchbook thread and listen to peoples citques, and apply them.

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