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    Just tought id make a thread to introduce myself.

    Hi i am aeonicshadow you can call me aeonicshadow, aeonic, shadow, aeon. pretty much anything you like! My little blue partner in crime is called Bill. im sure youll all be sick of seeing him soon enough. (but thats your toughie!)

    Im not the most regular of posters in forums but i do post when i feel i have something worthwhile.

    I have the first four chapters of a story written its called "BEYOND AGAIN", I will get round to posting it on this forum soon and hopefully ill finish writing the next section soon!

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    Welcome to Adisc. I joined about a month ago I think and no one has bite me yet, I think its pretty safe and fun here.

    Also I paid attention to your posts on the last site I was at. Personally I liked most of not all your posts. They seam more well thought out then mine.

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    Welcome ae! Hi to you too Bill! Still as cute as ever!

    Hope you have fun here, fill out your profile, check out the wiki and blogs. If you need help there are tons of people willing to help, as well as the request forum you can post in!

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    Hay aeon welcome to adisc iam sure u and bill will love it here. Everyones kind and friendly =)

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    Welcome to adisc. Hope you have a good time. Makes sure to check out the wiki ,and blogs; both have links in the top left corner.

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