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Thread: Which shops sell non-Depends diapers ?

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    Default Which shops sell non-Depends diapers ?

    CVS, Ralphs, Walmart, and all the other big shopping places seem to sell only Depends diapers, or their own brand, which is roughly the same.
    I've seen in some pictures people buying cheap adult diapers, usually that come in transparent plastic boxes, from small shops that sell clothes or non-grocery stuff. I live in San Diego, CA, and either the big stores have only depends or similar diapers, or ... they don't have anything other than crap pants-like diapers. Where should I go to get other brands?

    I'm talking about diapers like "First quality".
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    first of all, if you live in San Diego, why is your location set to the UK?

    and for your question, pretty much all big box shops only have depends and their own brand, in canada shoppers drug mart sells tena's(canadian of course, do their still not the best). I also know alot of medical supply stores have better brands and can probably order them in.

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    I'm here just for a few months, but that's another story.

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