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Thread: Safe Method for Heavy Wetting

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    Cool Safe Method for Heavy Wetting

    What you will need:

    •Energy Drink (Preferrably Monster or anything that comes in 16oz.)

    •2 Bottles of Water

    •A good diaper (Bambino, Abena X-plus, etc.)

    First, drink the energy drink, then drink the bottles of water (but don't force them down). Within ten minutes, you will have an urge to pee. After you wet the first time, you continue to get urges to pee and be able to wet frequently for the next hour and a half. Eventually your diaper will become very heavy and squishy after the multiple wettings.

    Make sure you have plenty of time to be diapered after drinking unless you want to want to be constantly running back and forth to the bathroom. You may also want to be careful with this if you are under 16, as energy drinks say on the label "not recommended for those who are under the age of 16". A cup of coffee or a soda such as Mountain Dew may work almost as good, though.

    These can also be done with cheap diapers, but you will need to change frequently as they will leak easily.
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    I think I'll give this a shot! Problem is I'm tolerant to C affine so it does nothing to me. I can drink an energy drink or cup of coffee right before bed and be able to fall asleep just fine.

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    don't drink energy drinks they have less caffeine then Coffee, so drink coffee or tea because tea does not general have a lot of caffeine in it. Also you might want to put some table salt in your coffee/tea (table salt dissociates better in higher temperature water), the reason i say this is because every motion and thought you have runs on an electric potential sweep caused by ions (Na+ and Cl- being to ions involved and also the chemicals in table salt) if you drink to much liquid you will dilute your body of ions stopping the sweep and killing yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketchy View Post
    don't drink energy drinks they have less caffeine then Coffee
    Here's a list of some beverages that have caffeine in the US...

    Caffeine Content of Drinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagete View Post
    Here's a list of some beverages that have caffeine in the US...

    Caffeine Content of Drinks
    With that link, I can now prove to my idiot friend who thinks Red Bull is far superior to Monster that the caffeine content is exactly the same for both of them.

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    Drinking large quantities of anything will make you have to go.

    But any diuretic would work best, (like you mentioned, highly caffeinated drinks)

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    Lose the energy drinks and cafeine.

    Just drink plenty of water. It's safer. Cafeine in large quantities may be dangerous, or at least, counter productive. Especially if you want to wet during your sleep.
    If your body is well hydrated, it will produce urine with the excess fluids you put in. Start with a Gatoraid or any electrolite drink, then top it off with water. Work very well for me.

    If you are working out, pre-workout shakes that contain Beta-Alanine increse the amount of urine produced. But don't take that outside of it's intedend purpose though. It's a powerfull amino acid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    Watermelon does the trick also.
    ^ This.
    So much safer than dousing yourself in energy drinks that are so unhealthy for the body. Watermelon and water are safer and natural.

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    I'd just like to say that as a technicality, caffeine is not a diuretic nor does it have diuretic properties. It is the drinks themselves like coffee and tea that are the diuretics. Correlation vs. causation, folks.

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