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Thread: Johnathon and I talked

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    Default Johnathon and I talked

    So tonight I talked to Johnathon and he's COOL. I'm pretty excited because it's the first time I've ever talked to anyone from here at length. So that's about all, just thought I'd write it up, 'cause I enjoyed it.


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    Good for you!

    Do you mean on the net, or on the phone or in person...?

    I know I have talked to quite a few abdls on the net, but only a few that I trust with my number, and love to talk to on the phone.

    It's always nice to talk to people and make good friends!

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    On the phone.
    If I can get off work I may drive the 9 hours to the PA meet. We'll see.

    You should go too, Mandi; you're even closer than I am!

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    *hands out his phone number on a business card* ... So lonely...

    Haha! Nah, seriously. It's good you talked before meeting up, at least that way you can eliminate a lot of doubt about doing so.

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    Oh my God, I had to read your post about 5 times before I stopped thinking "He talked to himself?!".

    Your names look similar...

    Anyway, congrats on talking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    On the phone.
    If I can get off work I may drive the 9 hours to the PA meet. We'll see.

    You should go too, Mandi; you're even closer than I am!
    Oh that's cool, talking on the phone is pretty cool. lol One of my pretty good friends and I used to talk for hours every night, and we even came up with "hippo" to use for diapers, lol, it was pretty cool.

    And I want too soo bad, awesome people are going, but I don't feel safe getting on a train and going so far by myself, and I can't find anyone to go. However - I already talked to my bff (she knows) and she said if there is one in the summer we should go, she would go this time but can't get the time off of work.

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    I wouldn't mind talking on the phone with someone...But I'm kind of quiet on the phone >__>...So yeah...

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    Footed P.J.


    Yup. Me, too. Also, as much as I have gotten to really like a few folks on the TBDL board, I can't imagine phoning them or seeing them in real life. I'd hate for reality to just completely not mesh with posting.

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    Same. I don't really talk on the phone... if someone calls me I'm just like, silent... idk, lol.

    "Hey, waiter, my name is Jonathan and my friend here is Johnathan. Please get us some iced tea?"

    lol, sounds hilarious for me =P

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    Yes Jonathan and I talked for like almost two hours on the phone...very, very groovy. I enjoyed our conversation very much and we learned alot about each other also. I'm always up for talking on the phone, so if you know me well and I trust you I will give you my number. All you have to do is ask!!! Thanks for posting this Jonathan, Props!

    Oh, and Mandi, one word..MACE lol.
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