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    Hello all!

    Just thought I'd post a little intro about me....

    My name is Hightower and I'm a DL (sometimes leaning toward AB). Don't know what caused me to feel this way, but I know that I always have (at least as long as I can remember). I am married with no kids (yet), and my wife knows all about this part of my life.

    Other than the AB/DL stuff, I'm very interested in computers/electronics. I am in college studying to be a computer programmer. Oh, and I finally caught up with 1998 by getting an MP3

    Anywho, just wanted to say Hi and maybe get to know some of the other members!


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    Hey hightowerc. Welcome to the site. Everyone doesnt have a definitive answer to why we feel this way even know there has been a few threads discussing it.

    Its good to see that your wife knows about this side to your life.

    I love computers and electronics and its good to see you are putting your skills and knowledge to use by studying in college to be a programmer. What MP3 player did you buy? I have an iTouch, though, im soon changing it for the new iPhone 4.

    Hope you settle into the community well and hope you enjoy your stay here. Have fun.


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    hello! I'm new on here too!
    What laguages are you studying?
    I've been coding for a long time I'm always down to help and love working on new projects

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I got an iPod Shuffle, mostly because I wanted something small. I did buy my wife an iTouch for her b-day last year, and I may have to steal it from her. As for the iPhone, I've heard a lot of bad reviews, especially about the antenna. You may want to wait until they get that problem sorted out, might save you some frustration. Or just go with one of the Google Andriod based phones. I hear a lot of people like them better than the iPhone.


    I'm currently studying Unix Shell programming (mostly Bourne Shell). I'm an avid Java programmer (I have worked in the field for several years). I'll be moving on to C and C++ next semester, and I've done a lot of work in MS VB.Net.

    I'm never against working with someone on new projects or ideas...If you think of anything interesting (perhaps even profitable?) just let me know. I'm sure we could work well together.

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    Hey hightowerc,

    Not a problem for replying back.

    Im in love with the iTouch, i think its the apps that pulled me in and the internet etc etc.

    Its complicated, i used to hate the iPhone, and always tried to get people to not buy them although since i have had the iTouch i want the new iPhone 4 for some reason. hypocrite i think i am :p

    My current phone is the sony ericcson satio and i think i want a new phone. I go through phones like nothing normal. I always have to have the latest one. lol


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    Mmmm shell scripting.........
    I do mostly back end coding; C and assembly are fun. I avoid Java for the most part, though it has its uses in the web, and I learned to code working with VB 6.0, but have avoided anything m$ since then. I've always thought it'd be fun to make an ABDL oriented game. Something neat to look at if you like the scripting feel is Python. Its kinda like a "C/C++ script". As far as profitable goes, thats always something to think about eh? lol most of my stuff is open source though

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    Open Source is a good way to go. Certainly a great way to get new stuff out there, and if you can find the help it can be great for finding/fixing bugs and making improvements.

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    well yeah, and the real reason I release my code that way is because I don't want to pay for software, so why should I make others? Also, maybe someone can see something I did and learn from it (whether its a good solution to a problem, or a bone headed mistake to never make again lol), and maybe I'll benefit from the program that they release. I think as IT professionals we should earn our money based on our talents and skills, and not when we can do once and charge for for the rest of our lives.
    Seems like you have gotten your feet wet in some application development
    If you're interested in workin on some form of game or something I'd be down to do the back end coding if you like making GUI's........Could turn into something fun and we'll both learn alot. I'd wanna have an online side to it too, if not make it entirely online.

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