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Thread: Gotta move that gear up.

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    Default Gotta move that gear up.

    So, as some of you Steam-centric fellows may have heard, the Engineer update is officially a-go-go.

    How Steam is implementing it is kind of weird though.

    They've made it so you have a very slim chance of randomly crafting an item called the Golden Wrench. Every 25 G Wrenches crafted, they release another part of the update. So far, only around 50 have been made. It's still unknown whether or not the G Wrench will become a regular drop/craft item after the update is over.

    This started up a nice chunk of debate within the fandom, however. Some people said this was horribly unfair, what with the new drop time caps and getting items a lot less. On the other spectrum, people who have been stockpiling items since God knows when have a far better chance of getting the thing. So, Mr. Walker decided to lower the drop limit for this week only.

    As I said earlier, 50 or so have been found, meaning two new things for the update.

    The first one is the Frontier Justice, the weapon that was seen in the Mac update. It has half the clip size of the Engineers regular shotgun and doesn't random crit. What it does do is gets guaranteed crits when you get Sentry kills. A kill means your next two shots WILL be crits, and an assist means your next one shot will be a crit. Of course, the down side to this is that your Sentry has to be broken before you can get in on any of the Crit-y goodness.

    Second up is the Atari 2600 controller... I mean Wrangler. It lets you remote-control your sentry, giving it a shield that lowers the damage it takes to one third. It also doubles the fire rate of the Sentry and makes the missiles on Level Three fire faster.

    So, what are you opinions on what is here and what is to come?

    Less than super significant info-

    Engineer's real name is Dellmond Conagher.

    The Engi can now equip the purely cosmetic Lugermorph... for some reason.

    Engi's grandfather, Radigan, built a life-extending machine for Blutarch and Remond, Zephaniah Mann's sons.

    New map released as well. Upward is another Payload map, nothing too special there.


    Forgot to mention, the Golden Wrench gets its own unique stuff too, it's not a reskin. What it does is turn enemies to gold when you kill them with it, which you can then pick up for metal. It still has the bastardly high crit rate of the regular Wrench, be careful for any Engineers telling their friends they're King Midas.
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    I think it's an awesome way of spoiling an update. I'd go for a Golden Wrench myself if I didn't fail so horribly at TF2.

    As it is; half clip size sounds rather mean, but guaranteed crits are cool, as long as you place your sentry correctly. Also, the Wrangler is awesome, I love it. The update may mean an Engy rush on all servers though, which would suck.

    I love Payload =D A new Payload map is absolutely golden in my opinion.

    I'm pretty excited about this update though, so excited, in fact, I'mma go play TF2 right now. Tiny men push leetle cart!

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    I don't play TF2 often enough to get items, and I kind of suck at it too, which doesn't help. I'm glad there are finally some engineer updates though.

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    Heh servers full of engineers means servers full of players that can't hit a sniper from across the map.

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    But being a sniper is fun for the first day of the update, my team was all engineers and I was the only sniper. Now of course outside of 2Fort there were about 5 or so Wrangler sentries shooting at me. :S But you find your way around them.

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    I already have all 4 of the engie unlocks.. I did use achievement servers to unlock the 3.. though I gave up my Ambassador (spy pistol) and a scrap metal for the spiky wrench. I use everything but the gun slinger, unless im being a super offensive engie.

    The Frontier Justice though is AMAZING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I already have all 4 of the engie unlocks.. I did use achievement servers to unlock the 3.. though I gave up my Ambassador (spy pistol) and a scrap metal for the spiky wrench. I use everything but the gun slinger, unless im being a super offensive engie.

    The Frontier Justice though is AMAZING.
    Kill taunt on it is fun.

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    The whole golden wrench thing was a fiasco. It really let you know how few TF2 players were serious about the game - .01% of the population!

    I'm glad I'm with the other 99.99% - I kind of suck at the game. Though, making threads on /v/ yelling about how I GOT ONE was funny, because it was instantly thrown into a flaming angry debate about the developers, the community, et cetera. I didn't get one (because I play it about once every TWO blue moons) but my friends did spend the whole event playing the game... ho ho.

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    Lol the day the update was released, being a spy was so much fun! I was in a full server, 16 Engineers vs (my team) 15 Engis and a Spy. I would run around their Engi farms and throw sappers on everything. It was the most entertaining game I've played in a while.

    I think they'll eventually give out more golden wrenches, i mean come on, only 100? Probably one of those "Dominate someone with a Golden Wrench and get your own" kind of things.

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