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Thread: Stormy weather approaches!

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    Default Stormy weather approaches!

    Ahh, now comes the weather that wonderous springtime May brings us... 4 STRAIGHT days of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

    I for one, LOVE this weather. Call me dark, emo, whatever, I don't care. A dark, rainy, dreary day is the best kind of day there is. (Great day to be lazy )

    I just find this weather relaxing, calming, and mystifying. My mom tells me that when I was little I would sit right in front of the windowsil and watch the lightning while my cousins would hide in fear . I was even that cool back then ! But, it's probably got something to do with mah ADHD or whatever.

    Who else loves days like the ones (4) to follow for the North east?!

    (I'm in New York City, by the way.)

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    Well, here's our weather:

    In other words: Not a cloud in the sky - hasn't been for almost a week. Bearably warm, sunny...perfect! I love it!


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    7 Day Forecast for Australia: ****ing Hot.

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    Lukie, What % humidity and temperatures are normal for you?

    Florida forecast: hot, humid, and chance of rain in the afternoon.

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    North Carolina forecast. Warm... humid... chance of an afternoon thunderstorm... all summer long.

    We're not really that much different than Florida. Maybe 10 degrees cooler... that's it.

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    It's been lovely here this week.

    This is the first time this year where I haven't worn a jacket to college, because it was so warm.
    And I always wear a jacket... I need the pockets.

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    I went to sleep last night at like 4AM with it raining. Woke up almost 10 hours later with it STILL raining. The forecast for my area says it'll be raining for a while!

    Personally... I don't mind. I like rainy weather - but not for TOO long. Calms down the soul

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    I'm with ya mm3, I'm also in the north-east here, and it's been raining all day. Here's the weekly forecast:

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    I'm not too fond of long, rainy periods either, since they don't do much to help my mold allergy. However, after seeing what happened to those poor people in Myanmar, I don't think I'll ever complain about weather around our area again.


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    Dammit, I live in a basement. Last time it rained that long I had to use buckets and a shop vacuum to get my room dry again. This is gonna suck.

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