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Thread: going 24/7 advice?

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    Default going 24/7 advice?

    so, i have been thinking i want to start wearing diapers 24/7 but I'm not sure about a couple of things and i just want to ask a couple of questions. First off how much do you usually spend a month on diapers and how many do you typically use in a normal week, also what are some ways to reduce wasting diapers? When in public do you mess or do you just try and wait tell your at home, and what do you do if you really have to poo when your in public. Is it better to use cheep diapers or good expensive ones? And how do you carry your diapers around? Thanks for any advice i get :3

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    I don't think this is a good idea.but if you must look in wiki I'm shor you will fiend what your looking for.
    a good idea is to try it for a week do not go to the bathroom at all that mints in public to because if you want to wear
    24/7 than people knowing you wear diapers is the last thing you need to worry about.

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    People took a crack at estimating or reporting in this thread: so you may get something helpful there. As to the rest, I guess you could get a wide range of responses. There isn't even unanimity as to whether or not 24/7 necessarily entails bowel movements. I really hope there isn't a cosmic judge on this score (what an awful job that would be!).

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    Default alot of reading

    the way i see it.

    cheaper diapers usually means they hold less, which means you'll have more changes throughout the day. lets say average you sleep 8 hours a night, lucky. but then there's 16 hours in a day. if you go through a cheaper diaper every 2 1/2 hours, that's about seven diapers, and then a thicker one for night, so, about 8 diapers a day, 7 cheaper ones, and 1 thicker one.

    but if you use more expensive ones throughout the day, they hold more, so there are less frequent changes. again, 16 hours in a day, and lets say you change every 4 hours. that's 4 a day, and 1 for night, so 5 a day.

    if you buy cheaper diapers, buy some thicker ones for night time also, if you are a heavy wetter at night. i can usually get away with wearing a depends max at night, because im a light wetter at night.

    so, if you go the cheaper route, that's 7 cheaper ones per day x 30 days average a month. so 280 diapers in a month. then, a thicker one each night x 30 is 30 a month.

    always get extra because the last thing you want to do is run out, so about 300 cheaper ones. i wouldn't really go extra on the more expensive ones because you can always fallback on the 20 extra cheaper ones.

    i dont know your waste/hip size, but for the sake of this post, ill assume medium, because well, it's medium/average. we'll say your cheaper diapers are attends waistband briefs. at northshore care, it's $62 for 88. you'd need 4 cases, for a month, so $248 for cheaper diapers, and you get 352 diapers. at this point, i wouldn't even bother with the more expensive ones, and since you should have extras, the next month i would only order 3 cases.

    lets say you go with the higher quality diapers. say, abena x plus from northshore care. for higher quality, i wouldn't recommend bambino for 24/7 wear, because if you are caught with a diaper that thick, and it says baby, that's alot harder to pass off as medical needs than something that looks like an incon brief.

    but, at NSC, abena x plus are $57 for 42. 5 per day, x 30 days, is 150 per month. so, i would go with 4 cases, again, left overs dont hurt, so you'd have 168 diapers, for $214, and that should last you a month.

    either way you go, i would invest in some plastic pants, just incase you dont have enough time to change it's better than a leak. to carry your diapers around, it depends. how do you dress? if you dress up in a suit and go to work, buy a larger briefcase. if you work somewhere where it's really casual, you could get away with a backpack. you could even just leave them in your car.

    for the messing in public, it's kinda harsh to punish other around you with the smell of poo, but if you really have to go and you can't wait, then hey, there's a diaper there right? that's what it's meant to do. if you do mess in public, find a place to change your diaper asap, you dont want your clothes to smell like poo.

    for reduce wasting diapers, just change less frequently. whenever i paintball, i play pump, so i only buy a bag of paint (500 paintballs) for a day of play. this makes me choose my shots very carefully, and i dont really have enough paint to waste shots becasue if i run out, i can't get more. so pretend that the paintball are the diapers, and if you waste them then your days up, and you have to buy more

    my diaper math may be off, so those prices are in no way set in stone, but they are a rough estimate. maybe, maybe, contact your insurance and see if they provide diapers, and maybe get a doctor to sign something saying your temporary incon? im sure you could pay the doctor to write something like that, but it IS lying and it could be alot of explaining to the insurance company of why you wanted diapers and the doctor could get in trouble for malpractice? i think it is.

    anyway, good luck. i hope this helped.


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    I would advise not spending to much money on diapers at first. Dont go out and spend a ton of money on everything you need at first, and dont spend that much time planing it all out. Buy yourself enough diapers for a few weeks and just wear them (1 case should be good enough to start).
    The reason I say this is because you are all motivated now, want to go 24/7, but after one, two, maybe three weeks, reality will hit you and you will see things clear then. Some people will tell you that going 24/7 is a bad idea, but I say go for it! If I had to guess, I would say 95% or more dont make it past those first three weeks, unless they are incontinent and feel they really need them. The thing is, until you reach the reality part, the fantasy is convincing you that I am wrong, so I understand if you disagree with what I am saying. So, probably best to just go for it, then after a few weeks, give the whole thing more thought

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    My BF is 24/7. He wears Dry 24/7 diapers or Abenas normally, and he goes through two to four diapers per day, depending upon how much he drinks. Usually he either makes it through work on one diaper or changes once during the day. He usually changes once he gets home, and then occasionally there's a change during the evening. Of course, he changes for bed, also.

    Dry 24/7 are great diapers, but they're a bit pricier than Abenas. That said, they also work a WHOLE LOT BETTER than Abenas. $125 USD for a case of 72 diapers equals 1.74/diaper. Figuring an average of three changes per day, it's $5.21 per day.

    Far be it for me to speak directly for my BF, but from what he's told me, he absolutely loves being 24/7 and does not regret it at all, and he's been 24/7 now for at least several years (I've been with him two years and he was already long since 24/7 when we met). He apparently thinks it's something great, because he's been trying to convince me to go 24/7 since we met. He doesn't normally mess his diapers, although occasionally he will do it on a weekend if we're not planning to go anywhere.

    I've tried going 24/7 before, and the longest I've made it is about two weeks. From what my BF says, if you can make it past that first wave where you get bored of it and want to stop, you'll be in the clear. That said, I've never made it past that point, so he could be blowing proverbial smoke up my ass too .

    I would say to go for it! The worst thing that happens is you realize that 24/7 isn't the thing for you.

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    Every now and then I'll go 24/7 for a short while, maybe a week to a week and a half. Any longer than that and it just becomes a burden. I know it's kind of a breach of strict "24-hours-a-day" protocol, but what I do to cut down on costs is I allow myself to use the toilet once per day, first thing in the morning. Otherwise it's like you've put the diaper on at night, fallen asleep, haven't really spent any time conscious and enjoying it, and you've already got to take it off. If nothing else, it cuts one change out of your day, which is 7 changes in a week, over half a pack of diapers.

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    I'm guessing most (if not all) people wait until they get home to mess out of courtesy to others. Some people who go 24/7 don't even mess, instead they get regular colonic irrigation. As for carrying diapers around just get a diaper bag.

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    Change and wash regularly.

    And for the love of God NO ONE online wants to hear how many bowel movements you had on a certain day. Just saying in case you were going to set up a blog about it.

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    Win the lotty so you can afford all the diapers!

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