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    With the 4th gone by, I would like to hear your stories with fireworks. I'll go first.

    Last year on New Years Eve, me and my friend shot some and it was crazy but nothing prepared us for this 4th. My friend and I decided to get together again but unlike last time we invited two of our closest guy friends. That slight change made a whole world of difference.
    Well we ended up buy $80 of fireworks between the four of us. There was some serious fun to be had but the first explosion of the night was something none of us could prepare for. One of the guy friends found a part of my inhaler from last year and decided to toss it into the fire. I freaked out but he was like "what's the worst that could happen". So we waited for an explosion but as we looked away it happened. I was huge and scary as shit. We ended up with hot embers on me and the guy. It burned holes through our shirts but it sure was cool. We ended up finding the metal part in the front yard, that was a scary moment.
    That whole incident put us into the firework mood but it was dark yet so we started on the light stuff. The guys had apparently bought 250 bottle rockets and were lighting them and tossing them in the road (we were in the driveway now). My friend and I being newbies didn't know any better so we joined in. That probably wasn't the best idea, since most of the ones I threw landed facing us. Let me tell you, that is scary. So almost every time I threw one we ended up running for our lives. We did have some close calls with them going between our legs and right next to us. It was so fun but so so dangerous. Well two hours later we finally ran out of bottle rockets and moved on the the other stuff. Most of the stuff was sparks and lights but a few would chase us and one that was suppose to sparkle just blew up with a boom and a shock wave. Well to end the night we shot these mysterious big rockets. Those rockets turned out to be like the professional stuff, they went straight up and exploded with big beautiful showers of sparks. All in all it was 4 1/2 hours of fun and a long rambling story.

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    The only story I can add is from the late '60s. My sister and brother-in-law lived in a second floor garden apartment at the time. It had been a hot, dry Summer in MD and the grass was pretty dry. I was visiting them that day because they were planning on shooting off some fireworks later in the evening over his parents' house. He decided to start early, however. He opened a bedroom window which faced a hill and still undeveloped land, lit off a cherry bomb, and chucked it out. In a moment we heard a "BOOM" and thought that sounded pretty cool. What we heard next didn't sound too cool! There was a crackling sound outside and, looking out the window, we saw the hill outside the apartment on fire!!! We quick grabbed some old blankets and ran back behind the building managing to beat out the perimeter of the blaze. That was a close one!

    Undaunted, plans were still on for fireworks later in the evening. Behind his parents' house was a gravelled playground with backs of rowhouses facing it on all four sides. A perfect spot - no grass to catch fire! He used a soda bottle to set the sky rockets in, as these types were attached to a long stick. All went well and we were enjoying the display of rockets exploding in the air above the playground. Then, one rocket decided to alter it's course. Instead of going straight up as the others did, it leveled off and was heading right for some people sitting out on their back porch. No A/C back then in most homes and people sat outside in the evenings to cool off. All we could do is stand there with our mouths open hoping the people would see it and duck! But, the rocket hit the side of a pole mounted transformer behind the house instead with fiery sparks (from the rocket, not the transformer) shooting everywhere. That was enough "fun" for us that evening! My BIL quit after that close call and never did fool with fireworks again to my knowledge. Must have cured him from ever getting the urge to shoot them off!


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    i was holding these black cat fire crakers and i was going to light them then throw them, i never made it to the throwing part
    that happend on the 4th this year :P i still got blisters

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    Nope, only fired off fireworks the one time and nothing horrifying happened (although, fittingly enough, I was visiting family in Maine at the time... Crazy Americans, you and those silly firecrackers!).

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    All the good fireworks are illegal in PA.
    My story,
    I went this year to watch the fireworks on the 4th, alone, like I do every year .
    The end

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    Yeah, you all should have lived in the era of Pramrider and myself. They used to sell ashcans and M-80s. An ashcan was equal to 1/8 of a stick of dynamite, and an M-80 was equivalent to 1/4 of a stick of dynamite. The things they call M-80s today are a joke. A friend of mine, back when I was 11 and he 12, had some ashcans and M-80s. Having that kind of fire power, he/we decided to go blow up things in our neighborhood. First we started attacking our neighbor's birdhouses with the ashcans. You should have seen them blow up, leaving very little. (disclaimer...there were no birds in the bird houses. There never were birds in our neighbor's bird houses) Then he decided to turn the M-80s loose on the mail boxes. A quarter of a stick of dynamite will blow a metal mailbox to smithereens. Little did we know it was a federal offense.

    We hid low for a few days, but what fun we had at our neighbors expense. Yes, sigh....we were horrible brats.

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    This year, Miyu came up to visit for the 4th, and we just did some simple stuff in the backyard. Tanks, smoke bombs, sparklers and Roman Candles.

    The best story I can think of was probably about 3 years ago, on the Fourth of July. I was at a buddy's place, and he had all the good stuff (as with Pennsylvania, all the good fireworks here are illegal), bottle rockets, firecrackers, stuff that is probably illegal for a good reason.

    Anyways, we got the bright idea to tape extra bottle rocket engines to one complete bottle rocket and tie the fuses together. I had the record, with 3 engines on one stick. Buuuuut, someone tried to one-up me and do better, they took 4 engines and tied the fuses and stuff. He stuck it in the ground, lit it, and ran away... then it shot up in the air about 3 feet, and zoomed right at his mother! She managed to get out of the way before it hit her, and we were banned from launching anything other than the original fireworks.

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    We have a large fireworks display every July, usually camping and a big fire too. Everybody buys some to ensure a good show.

    Last year it was late, a lot of people around the fire (including me), some watching some not. A large 10+ shot cannon fell over after being lit sending flaming balls flying at light speed through the fire pit and people.
    First one went right between my legs Figured I was safe after that (law of averages) and watched the show. Damn there was some interesting dancing going on.
    Only one minor burn.

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