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Thread: Ohio AB meet...anyone going?

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    Default Ohio AB meet...anyone going?

    I just saw this on Daily Diapers, there is going to be a North East AB convention in Youngstown, Ohio on the 26-27 of July (Saturday and Sunday) It looks very interesting and i might plan on going there. Theres going to be fun and games like kickball, a playground, and even a rubber ducky race!! Funny thing is that the park where the event is taking place is reserved, but there is no bathroom They do have a diaper changing area for those who need a quick change and such, but the whole event seems to be very civilized and well organized. here is the link for all the info

    i was wondering if anyone is planning on going to this event, also i might try to pick up a person along the way (2 door coupes arent the best for long road trips ) any takers?

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    Not my idea of a fun time (the activities planned, that is), but hey, if you think it's going to be great, then I can't stop you.

    I personally wouldn't meet with anyone who I haven't known for a while first. Just turning up to one of these random meets could be a bit dangerous. And from previous meets like this in the past, you'll get a turnout of the older crowd. Kids these days seem to be getting educated about the internet and not to meet up with strange people.

    *shrugs* Just to point it out...

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    That's about a three hour drive from where I am, although I don't think I'll be attending.

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    I don't think I would go for a few reasons.

    1) I'm not 18 yet.
    2) I wouldn't feel safe in another country (even if its only a few hours away) with people I don't know.
    3) I don't exactly trust Daily Diapers, don't know the people, and I wouldn't feel safe.

    Not generalizing (well I am a little) but being a young female, considering the messages I get over AIM sometimes, I just wouldn't want to go to a meet with a ton of older men.

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    Not going myself and I live in Ohio...


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    Tallest, thats four hours from me and I would seriously consider going if you, are you deffinatly going?

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    The older AB crowd isnt what interests me, but i was just seeing if anyone here was going so i could possibly meet them or something. true the games are somewhat childish (if not babyish), and it is Daily Diapers/Park Place Crib, but just meeting people with an interest as strange as this is comforting yet exciting. Mainly, i was just seeing who here might go so i could meet up with some others here on the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Tallest, thats four hours from me and I would seriously consider going if you, are you deffinatly going?
    Its not 100% confirmed, i was just trying spark some interest by posting here so some of us could meet up sometime. IDK as of now, but there are plenty of spots available now so i have a little time to decide.

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    Hmm.. I don't think I'd ever want to go to an AB meet. It sounds a little... creepy to me.

    It's just too reminiscent of Deeker's activities. I don't mean to offend, but a meet with 45-50 year old guys from DD in nothing but a diaper and maybe sissy clothes doesn't appeal to me too well. It might sound incredibly hypocritical, but I don't identify myself as an AB/TB at all.

    I believe there is a completely different mindset between an adult baby and a babyfur.

    Anyway, getting back on track, I hope the people who are going have a good time and a lot of fun.

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