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    Default oh good i'm finaly on

    hello, i'm Chris and i'm dixlesic so pless forgive my speling . . .

    enyway i have whonted to joun this site sins i was 15 i think but with by problom and only now just getting frends how will help me with sush matters
    i get an e-mail acount and i can finaly meet other pepul hoe like to where dipers as mush as me . . . 6 years later . . . enyway i look forwad to makeing frends

    my intorests are Gameing 'thow sadly not onling yet', Anime 'thow sadly not manga what with being dixlesic an all' and whereing dipers with is forchontly nesasery as i wet the bed some times

    i'm a Art stodont at sconthorp noth linsey colige where i learn enything but the art i whont to learn about

    a'm an amicher anime/conseped Artist and consideraring i'm self trot my work is not bad

    if you have the same intorests as i do ro wad like a frend pless give me a replay

    on this site or *snip*

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    Welcome to ADISC! I personally would recommend a spell check to go along with your web browser, but I was able to make out all of what you said in your intro. So, what kind of art do you do? I am not very artistic, but I have been playing around with my laptop pen and paint the past two days and I have been making some nifty stuff here. So I hope you enjoy your time here on this site and I think you will be a good addition here on the site.

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