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    From what I can tell Luvs aren't talked about much on here. Just wondering if anyone is crazy about the smell of them like I am. For me they are what I think of when I think about baby diapers, anybody else??...and blues clues doesn't hurt either ;]

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    Luvs have been on a somewhat sharp decline after they went cloth backed. First there was no more plastic outing, then they lost the barney prints and the classic smell I ca recall from the old plastic backed ones.

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    I like the diaper, but i am not crazy for it. They do have a very strong and noticable smell though. And you are right, blues cluse is awsome.

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    Nah, I like the smell of baby diapers too! Adult diapers smell funky when you unfold them. Goodnites smell horrible. We should petition bambino to include real 'baby diaper smell' into their products!

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    I've never tried anything other than I know, I know they suck. But I'm all for the inclusion of a baby diaper scent :]

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    You should try some bambinos... they're a bit spendy, but worth it. Also you can go to and browse diapers. I really, really, really, really like wearing abena abriform x-plus with a goodnite stuffer. I'm wearing them right now in fact

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    I've definitely thought about it, but right now ordering online is too risky for me :[

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    I know that the first few times I smelled the pampers smell I was like WOW. Before that I had only used Huggies and some store brand that were more or less scentless. Now I am back to scentless Goodnights but they don't require extra help to work

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    I like Luv's and buy them from time to time... I can care less about the prints on them though.

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