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Thread: "Our Country... 'tis of thee?"

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    Default "Our Country... 'tis of thee?"

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to post today and ask a serious question to like minded individuals. We all have something in common on this forum, our like of diapers. I would like to ask a question in all seriousness. How do you feel about our countries acceptance of fetishes. Do you think that infantalism, or the ab/dl lifestyle will take on an aire of mainstream paraphilism? How do you think that our lifestyle/fetish/need can co-exist with the quid-pro-quo? Do you believe that we are taboo, or breaking existing social norms? How do you see youself in contrast to mainstream American culture?

    I would love to think that America today is a country far evolved from the mindset of our founders. That sexuality and the expression of fetishes is an accepted practice. Wherever you are in America, you'll find shops that pander to the sexuality of men and women, sex shops to be precise. Have you ever seen an adult diaper in a sex shop however?

    In recent years, infantalism has become a list of paraphilias (fetishes) on the APA's (American Psychological Association) official "list". It is not considered medical condition, mental illness or manic depressive behavior. It is, simply, a fetish.

    I just want to ask you what your take is on our shared interest, whatever you tihink... good, bad or indifferent. Look at it in comparison to other fetishes. Do you think there are as many people practicing infantalism as there are practicing exhibitionism or voyeurism?

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    Spoilers XD

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    spoiler, my own indeed

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    I think that as long as there is not an attempt to legislate what we CAN do/think, then I don't paricularly care whether people accept us. Frankly, it's nobody's business where I use the bathroom or, in the cases of some others here, how you get it on and by extension we have no reason for them to "accept" it.

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    On the bell curve of human behaviours, this is pretty far out on the fringes. You can't expect people to react with anything other than surprise (at least!) when they run across something they see so rarely. That's neither good not bad, it just is. No different than staring at midgets or Siamese twins.

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    Butterfly Mage


    While I pay taxes at the full rate and have never have worked steadily since age 14, I often feel that I am a second-class citizen. Even now, the Texas GOP readies the voters to change laws to imprison people like me (for the glory of Jesus, too!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    While I pay taxes at the full rate and have never have worked steadily since age 14, I often feel that I am a second-class citizen. Even now, the Texas GOP readies the voters to change laws to imprison people like me (for the glory of Jesus, too!)
    Sorry to pry, but by whom?

    Being trans some states are attempting to prevent legal gender changes. Others in terms of marriage place us in gray area's were some see gender at birth, others see it at the date of marriage. So things happen such as in Texas as a trans-female court-ordered gender change with correct genitalia and all would only be allowed to marry another female because they consider genetic gender. Or I could have been married in some states with the opposite gender go through transition and stay a same sex marriage, be legal married but then in some cases not recognized instantly by federal statute.

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    (forgive my dixlesea) i hope you dont objected the of a uk sitashon but as lawrs are vushaly the same for most democracys i dont think you wad

    freedom is gart, but i do get a littel anoyed when amricons speek as if they are the only contry in the hoe 'unavuses' that is free
    sory . . . i just had to tip thet

    you arked about compering this to other fetishes, will i you ment the legel freedoms of doing so then i gess i understaned but if you where arking about the purspective of the indevigarel then i think i'm a good ecspapel

    listing my fetishes of being a furry, a diper lover, bying bi (if that can be considered a fetishes) Henti and whereing wowoms closse, i can tell you that it's all sexarel, ecspeded for the baby part i do this as i'm belive i'm trying to relive parts of my chillodhood that i never got to live jow to loseing 11years of my menary oh, i get plesher of cores but this is my purspective of the things i'm in to one man might where wowoms closse becoses of his desier of being a girl

    do tell me if i've confued you and keep i mind i dont tont to afend enyone, so sory if i have

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    Quote Originally Posted by aboyslife View Post

    spoiler, my own indeed
    I don't even understand myself, how the hell am I supposed to understand other people!?

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    Thanks for your opinions! I was hoping for un poco mas insight, but I got a good glimpse of how you guys and girls think. I do think that one day being ab/dl will be as common as the foot fetish... as soon as we get a little more publicity.

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