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Thread: I want to condition my body to wet diapers while I sleep.

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    Default I want to condition my body to wet diapers while I sleep.

    I want to make my body learn to wet diapers while I sleep. I need to comdition my body into doing this.So is this possible? I dont want to become a bed weter just a diaper wetter. I made a similar topic recently. But people missunderstood my initial intentions. and what not. So to be clear just know that I want to be able to sleep in a dry diaper and wake up nice and wet.

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    well not sure exactly how you would accomplish this. I can think of ways around it, like being really really tired and drinking a lot before going to bed. You might 'wake up' because you have to go to the bathroom, but once you realize your diapered you can wet and fall back asleep comfortably.

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    In the name of all medical advice, I advise you thus NOT to try and intentionally train your body to urinate into undergarments whilst asleep....

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    When you wake up and need to urinate, you should just let the coma in the diaper in the position you wake up in.

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