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Thread: Most discreet pull up?

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    Default Most discreet pull up?

    Hi guys! I just wondered. I have a break from school now, and I though I would use that to experience with wearing diapers more than I do normally. for example wearing in public alot more.

    For that, I need your help. I live in Denmark, so Im cut off from alot of different brands. The 3 pullups I know are: Drynites, Libero Night Comfort and tena pants discreet.

    I now it may sound silly, but I dont find drynites that discreet, am I wrong? maybe im focusing on that Im able to see that I wear it under my jeans?...

    Whats your view on this, because I would like you to suggest a new pull up for me, or tell me what to do to convince me about "just do it"..

    And just before closing this down.. how is tena pants ??...

    thank you!

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    I find goodnites are the best. They are the only ones that wore out with my family amd friends. I wear baggy clothin but I wore basketball shorts with. Stick with goodnites.

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    It may not seem that way to you but goodnites/drynites are very discrete. They are barely thicker than regular underwear. Just wear a pair of underwear over them in case they peek above your pants and have fun wearing out and about.

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    Goodnights are more or less designed to be discreet

    I highly recommend them however I am not that into different pull ups

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    As others have said, you can't really get much more discreet then the Drynites. As for wearing in public, this is really a case of being brave and just doing it! You'll find that even though you think it's really obvious that your wearing it probably isn't. I've been out myself (even working) wearing Tena Slip Maxi (even wore two before :P), and never have I even seen or heard anyone look or make a comment.

    As for the Tena Pants I can't really comment as I've never used them, but the general opinion is that the Adult Pullups, don't really fit tight enough and begin to sag very quickly.

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    As far as wearing around people goes unless you act odd or the diapers are easily visible above your waistband nobody is going to pay enough attention to notice. And even if they do notice most people are not going to get a good enough look at it to realize that it is in fact a diaper and they won't want to tell someone about it because they might look weird/stupid.

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    I would say drynights are more then discreet! You ain't gonna beat them. The Tena discreet pullups suck, you might a well pee in your underwear before buying those

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    I would have to say that the drynites would be the most discrete, however I have no prior experience with any of the diapers that you mention.

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    Just about any pull-up that fits you is going to be discrete. Even under tighter fitting clothing like skinny jeans, athletic shorts etc. you should have no problem hiding them. The only thing that might give them away is leaks.

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    I think u all for convincing me I have just gotten into my mind that drynites werent that discreet... When standing in front of the mirror looking at my butt... with and without a diaper on.. its easy to see when its on. But thats of course because I know its on.... I'll try wearing out in public more... Last time I did it, I just felt that the girl walking by looked at my ass .. because it was obvious.. but anyway.. thank you

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