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Thread: Hi, I'm Michael, Pleased to Meet You All

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    Default Hi, I'm Michael, Pleased to Meet You All

    Hello Everybody,

    So I just found your forum today, have been reading some posts, and thought I'd join up. I'm from Western New York. I'm 31 years old, and work in human services, supporting developmentally disabled adults.

    My interests are music (Wilco, Elliott Smith, anything sad and introspective). I play acoustic guitar a little. I like to read novels, mostly classics (Vonnegut, Faulkner). I enjoy funny movies, like to laugh as much as possible. I'm watching Ron Burgandy as I write this. I also like being outdoors, hiking and swimming. Oh, and I'm a huge baseball fan (Let's Go Mets!).

    I am much more a diaper lover than an adult baby. I am submissive by nature, and enjoy serving in a DS sense. I've always been a little bit interested in diapers, but I have recently become more so. I think I have become more so because of a need to find a more caring and less cruel form of domination. Recently I met an amazing woman online who is a Dominant, and I struck up a conversation with her. Nothing about her suggested that she would be interested in playing with a diaper lover, but when I asked her about it she was really receptive. She's been fantastic and creative and has me trying new things. We talk every day, and so this has gone from something I just think about to something I practice regularly. It's been really nice to have someone to talk to who knows my interests and the real me. And I see a lot of that same sentiment here in the posts I've read today, and so that is partially why I have signed up.

    Anyways, thanks for having me, and I look forward to getting to know you.


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    Hey Michael!

    Welcome To ADISC

    Great Introduction! Im sure you'll fit in quite nicely.

    I Hope To see you around the site!


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