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    Hello all,

    I'm xboxlover, and I figured it was time for me to join and check this place out. I've been lurking around here and there occasionally when this site would pop up in my searches.

    Anyway, about me:

    I love electronics. I like to tinker with computers and play video games. I'm not much of an outdoors kind of person. I like to write silly stories every once in a while, but I haven't written one in a while.

    I'm currently in summer break, and I've spent all of yesterday with two friends and one friend's family at their beach property right on the Gulf (you can see the oil ). While staying here, I was fortunate enough to come across some old Goodnites, which I've stashed away in my backpack. Both of my friends are aware, and thankfully keep it to themseleves.

    I usually spend my weekends talking to friends from school on Xbox Live, or maybe I'll surf the web on my computer. I'm 15 by the way, and I'm going to start my sophomore year in high school this August.

    Well, for the time being I am completely at a loss of what else to write, so I guess I'll wrap this up. Hope my introduction wasn't too jumpy and random for you all.


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    Actually, it was a very good introduction. Not too long and not too short, plus it covers just about everything pretty well. Anywho, let me personally welcome you to ADISC!

    Could you expand on what you play on XBox Live? Maybe your computers' stats and such too?

    Hope you enjoy your time here!

    P.S. We sometimes host games on XBL, when you become a regular you can join in on them!
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    ! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I tend to be pretty self critical when I write something :: rolls eyes ::

    Well, to get into what I do on Xbox- three words (and a Roman numeral)

    Grand Theft Auto IV!

    I love this game so much! I almost never play any other game. In fact, my other
    disks are probably coated in dust!

    I am currently really involved in a role-play clan, where each player has his or her own job. We do it on Team Deathmatch. On team one are the civilians, and on the other team are the police. This isn't a cops and robbers game, but in fact a virtual emulation of real life (I'm making this sound like a philosophy course LOL).

    We usually have an occasional official role-play (where
    the clan leader is present), but most of our games are unofficial where about eight to ten of us get together and play a game.

    During the game, you can choose to have a job, such as a taxi driver or bus driver. Some kids drive big delivery trucks and pretend they are carrying and delivering produce (which I find a little on the over doing it side).

    If you commit a crime or minor traffic voilation in front of a cop, they will pull you over, call you using the in game cellular phone (I like calling them that, I collect phones as a hobby which I forgot to mention) so that he can explain your infraction and give you a ticket or warning. The coolest part is- the tickets and warnings are entered into a real time "police" database! So anyone with access can see a gamer's violations. Its a lot of fun so long as the police don't become Nazis.


    Like my fancy divider? . Anyway, I've got two computers of my own, my 17" MacBook , and an old Gateway PC with Windows XP on it I got for free from my friends neighbor.

    I like to toy with MS-DOS Edit, which is an old DOS word processor, similar to Notepad. It can easily be accessed by typing "edit" in Command Prompt on any computer with Windows 98 through Vista.

    It normally opens up in the Command Prompt window size, but I know how to make it full screen. It looks like an old DOS terminal- no joke!

    To copy the program to your desktop or make a shortcut, just click Search in the Start Menu, and search for "edit." Look for the file called "" and its got the blue and white icon. You can create a shortcut, but it's easier
    to copy the program file.

    Once you've got it on your desktop, you can run it, but if you want to make it full screen, just right click and click Properties and find the tab with the General settings in it. Find the screen settings (going off memory here, may be wrong) and set it to Full Screen. Now you can run it. By the way, you can change the program colors in the Options menu. If you want to be old school and not use your mouse, you can use the Alt key and just hit the letter that is white in the name of the menu you want.

    There's your computer lesson for the day!

    WOW my fingers hurt! (Using iPhone)

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