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Thread: waves i tis new :3

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    Default waves i tis new :3

    hellos everyone im tanith a furry cougar cub join a few weeks ago but was to busy to say hi but hopefully all sorted hope to hear form annyone :3

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    *waves and Tanith*

    I'm kobi I is new too I'm a teen babay and a pup

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    Hi, welcome to adisc, maybe you should post a little about your interests and your self, we like to get to know the person beyond the ab/dl stuff :P.
    I take it your user name is a reference to Gaunts Ghosts? I'm a massive fan of the Gaunts ghost series, and Dan Abnett in general :P

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    Welcome dude! I think you knew my ex ;D. Come say hi in the chat at some point!

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    you knew kiba and really hehe no i just thought of it out the blue about my name and i will post alittle bit about my self when i know wat to put i really bad when it comes to saying things about me

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