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Thread: Happy! Drynights discovery!

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    Default Happy! Drynights discovery!

    I haven't been able to wear at all for a while, nor have there been many occasions when it would have been useful. Not such a great loss as it's hot (by UK standards) here at the moment and I find full-size nappies and plastic pants a bit uncomfortable in hot weather. As a reasonably adult-sized person and a heavy wetter, ordinary pullups and skimpy absorbent panties don't do much for me, I like thick, thirsty nappies that I can soak heavily whenever I need.

    I was in the supermarket earlier looking at nappies, wondering whether to buy some own-brand toddler-size to use as stuffers in case I got a chance to break open a pack of Molicares soon. What caught my eye was a pack of Huggies Drynites, which I bought on pure impulse. Not because I thought they would be useful for anything, just because, well, I envied the girls in the picture being able to wear them without getting sweaty as I would if I had a Molicare on at the moment.

    So I unpacked one, and stretched it a bit, and a bit more, and more... It looked as though it might just fit me, in a jokey kind of way, so I went ahead and tried it on. I was amazed - snug, comfy, secure and waaaay better than underwear. I tried a little wet in it which it absorbed. By careful light wettings over half an hour I was able to empty my bladder although it started to feel squishy and near to leaking. But hey, I couldn't do that in my boxers so it's hardly a fault.

    Maybe this is old news to a lot of people but for me Drynites suddenly make all ordinary underwear obsolete. The key discovery was that although they aren't nappies, they are nice things to wear when I'm not in a nappy. None of the disadvantages of nappies (bulk, noise, heat) yet I can at least relieve pressure in an emergency.

    Why haven't I found this with the adult pullups and similar that I've tried from time to time? They have always been disappointing , especially from the comfort and fit aspects. Maybe it's because I was always hoping they'd work like nappies, so that I could go padded 24/7 with less worry.

    OTOH teen products just seemed irrelevant to someone with a 36 inch waist. As I had no expectations at all of the Drynites, the fact I not only fit in them but do so really comfortably, and can use them as well, feels like something for nothing. Now I'm as happy as the girls in the picture!

    So here's the question I missed off the post earlier: does anybody else here see these as a way to be padded when it would otherwise be impossible? Does that lose its appeal after a while, i.e. if they're not ideal for relieving yourself in, would you rather just have ordinary underwear?

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    i've been trying to find a store near me that sell them i want to get some

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    Yeah actually I found out that they are so discreet that I can wear with anyone around! No one is going to notice. They hold pretty well actually. I'm happy with them and with Pampers 7 as stuffers they feel amazing!

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    Man, I can remember purchasing my first package of Drynights. What an ... experience.

    From Drynights I moved to Depends (which everyone does slag off, but they are not terribly bad) and then to Tena/Attends.

    You have a fun few years ahead of you, Son.

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    Im with you all the way on the drynights Squeezy! So practicle, usually hold a normal wetting for me, fit great, dont make a sound and can wear them with anything! plus the cute designs :-p

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