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    Default Modders wanted

    Hey all
    I was just reading through the now closed 'Do you MOD?' thread.
    I don't MOD but certainly have a job for anyone who does and might be interested in such a project.
    Any Modders still out there?

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    The Sims 3. I somehow want to get an AB MOD made. So adults can wear diapers, use baby items, etc. I also would like a MOD that makes the Sims pants actually look wet when they pee themselves as opposed to the foolish set up installed in the game now.
    To take it one step further it was suggested once to have AB Sims actually be able to wet/mess a diaper. While this seems like a great effect I don't know if it can be done. I have great plans and ideas I just don't know how to get them created.
    I would even be willing to pay a Modder to create such a program.

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    Yes, wouldn't it? With all the MODS out there and more being made every day, you think this would be possible.
    But as stated I'm not having much luck. Does anyone know where there might be a Modders for hire site? I got no where with google search.
    What we need is to make our little search more widely known. Any suggestions?

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