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    Default Hi there!

    Hello! My Name is PKitty, sometimes I also go by SpotterSkunk too!

    So, I decided to finally get my diapered rear in gear and write an intro, since Ive been reading the forums for some time now, so here goes.

    I'm 22 years old, I'm from southern New Hampshire (yes we have internet up here I'm and EMT by profession. I love to ride motorcycles, explore abandoned infrastructure and BBQ with my friends. I live in a house with three other furries, and I like to think we do a pretty good job of balancing fun/furry life with our real lives too. So, thats about it for me!

    *walks away crinking*

    What? Ohhhh that *giggles* well okay here goes...

    Ive been into diapers ever since I was very little, the feelings developed almost immediately after my parents somehow tricked me out of them when I was three or so =p I remember seeing the other kids still diapered and being so jealous. As I was growing up, I never wanted to let go of being little. I used to sneak off and squeeze the packs of diapers on the store shelves and pretend I was the kid in the picture on the front. As I got older, I got a little bolder and started to make my own, which really got me launched on my way to being a full AB/DL. Fast-forward all the way to age 18, when I got my first real diapers. A friend and I drove all the way to a 24 hour wal-mart out of town because I was so paranoid somebody would recognize me. We went back and diapered up, and man, it was just as amazing as I always knew it would be. From then on it's history, I started ordering better diapers online, and wore them when I could, becoming more comfortable with the idea. Now I live on my own, my roommates all know about this side of me and I'm able to live out what I want to do for the most part, I try to be considerate, I don't walk around the house with my diaper showing when they're home etc. though whenever we watch movies I'm usually in my footy PJ's with a big husky plushie, but that wasn't my idea, two of the roommates told me I was a wuss and I wouldn't do it (they lost the bet) so now it's kind of the norm.

    Whew, anyway, sorry for going on so long, it's easy to get lost in the memories! I love talking to new people, though I'm not online that often. I hope I'll be able to meet some new folks here too!

    Take care! *waves*

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your an EMT, very important perfession! Hope to see you around.

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    Welcome to the site. You have a good introduction here. I'm curious, what sort of abandoned infrastructure do you explore? When I was a kid, we use to break into abandoned houses and explore. It was an extreme rush. Then one day we broke into an old house and posted on a door was a sign that said, "Quarantine. Diphtheria". We went running out screaming! Do you explore old industrial buildings? We have a number of them here in Lynchburg, VA. I'm still tempted. Some of them date back to the late 1800's. Our bike trail is on the old Norfolk and Southern and so the surrounding buildings are old brick and reminiscent of that era.

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    Hey Kitty, Bout time ya posted your intro :P So glad to see you are in a place that you can enjoy just being YOU! I am still working on getting there with my wife but she is fighting it all the way :/ If you are planning on hitting fur fright this year let me know. I would love to see ya again.

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    Welcome to the forum dude. Pull up a beanbag, take one of the complimentary diapers, and chill .

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    Hiya Kitty, a furry explorer..... cool! I used to be in trouble all the time as a kid getting into places that were off limits. There is a supposedly haunted Hospital/Mental Inst. close to me that can be accessed..... would love to explore but it kinda freaks me out.

    Anyways, welcome to the site.

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    Hello Kitty, nice to meet you. Your friends sound awesome, teasing you out into the open like that. It must be great having that kind of support. I love New Hampshire. I try to get to Hampton beach once a year. It's the quickest most direct route to the ocean for me. Unfortunately the number of parking tickets I've received up there makes it a dangerous mission. I should probably start paying those. :-)

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