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Thread: Back from the North Pole!

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    Default Back from the North Pole!

    Well, I am back. It wasn't quite the North Pole, but we were less than 1000 km from it! I actually swam in Magdalenafjord, which was 3 degrees Celsius with glaciers around! It was a fantastic trip with super weather and every animal the Arctic had to offer.

    Now that I am out of the midnight sun, I might be able to get some sleep!

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    Nice. I bet that was a fun trip. I've swam in a glacier pond once in the Rockies. That's really cold...

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    What an awesome experience. My best friend in college lived in the arctic circle for a year and he took amazing pictures.

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    Yes, I took over 1500 pics during the week and a half there. Some were okay, some I made into panoramas, and some were just amazing. The light and colors up there are indescribable. You can see some of them at my blog (link removed for privacy reasons and posted elsewhere) but please do not email the addresses there or make any comments that are related to this site in any way.
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    Nice pictures over at that site. Hmm, did you happen to meet Santa? :P

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