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Thread: What the hell texas!!

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    Ok so I was on Yahoo and a page came up saying Texas wants to make gay marrige illegal. A felony actually. Thats so wrong. Love is love reguardless of race or gender. This bill wont stop it at all. Most likely gays will just move. But Most people higher up think like them on this subject. I know there are alot of Americans that don't think that way.

    What pisses me off more is if you help A same sex cupples get married your just as bad as they are. Now why should you go to jail for being supportive? Now Texas already banned gay marige. So why the bill? They want to keep gays out completely. If you married in a different state you can still be put in jail.

    The goverment has not stepped in yet either. So politically it may gain support.
    Here are the two articals I dug up:

    TX GOP platform: Re-criminalize sodomy, make gay marriage a felony | Raw Story

    Texas GOP: Recriminalize Sodomy and Make it a Felony to Marry Gay Couples

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