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Thread: Heyyyyyy

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    Thumbs up Heyyyyyy

    Hii all

    Just wanted to introduce myself and sayy hi

    Im Ryan, Ry, Kobi or ginge. I'm new to being a teen baby but have been a pup for a few months. I'm from Paisley in Scotland and gay I'd love people to pop bye and say hi

    Well thats all I can think to say for now

    Feel free to stop by for a chat or just to say hello


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    *dies from smiley overload*

    So... what else is there to you? What do you do in your free time? Do you slay dragons, or just vege out?

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    Well I'm a student and I just finished studying Radio Broadcasting
    I like to play football (Even though i'm hopless at it) hehe

    I cant really think of much else, i'm a rather boring person hehe :P

    And I love my smileys

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    I'm too lazy to re-introduce myself again... so here.

    Maybe you'll get some ideas on what to write about yourself. (If you don't like the colours there is a black text version at the bottom in spoiler tags)

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    I've got to ask: how the heck does a radio broadcast student get nicknamed ginge?

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    My nickname has been ginge for years and it was my first pup name before it got changed to kibi

    Its because of the hair

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    Heyas dude, am from down south! Nice to meet ya. Come say hi in IRC sometime .

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    Hi Kobipup, welcome to the DISC. IRC is fun once you get over the "new" thing.

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    I likes being a newbie :P

    Makes me feel all specials :P hehe, I'm looking forward to becoming a regular
    Sadly at the moment i cant get on the live chat because of the fact i only have a mobile boradband dongle, but i should have the internet soon

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