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Thread: BP figured out how handle the oil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by d4l View Post
    Allison Kilkenny: Allegations Emerge BP Is Dumping Sand To Cover Oil

    Appearantly just covering it up with new sand is the (secret) plan.
    That is a problem the government definitely needs to address

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    Oh, sure. Let's just cover it up. Literally.
    BP: Bad People.

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    I heard that they're considering putting a mini nuke in the spill and blowing the pipe up

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    Well they have tried everything else, they really are just scraping the bottom of the barrel with ideas now.

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    BP is so completely out of touch with reality. Their reality is two-fold and unfortunately it has nothing to do with cleaning up the oil. First they want to deny as much responsibility as possible. For every gallon that leaks into the sea, they owe a fine. Here's a great question though, how do you levy this fine if you have no idea exactly how much oil is actually there? That's why it required government intervention to get the cameras on leak, that's why only small scale solutions that involve actually capturing the oil out in the ocean are being implemented, and why BP is not helping those that are trying to protect their marshes. The second is making themselves look as good as possible. The PR has become absurd. Did you know that BP now has their own group (right now 2 people) of roving reporters that are saying that the hotel revenues in the Gulf are actually up because people want to see the "ballet on water" of the cleanup effort? That is of course when you look at the cleanup effort from the air, it looks like someone with a mop trying to cleanup an entire neighborhood of exploded fire hydrants. The whole thing is a joke and I feel it goes to show how we can't trust corporations and unfortunately we also can't trust the government to hold them accountable nor even intervene to handle the situation properly. I doubt that policy will change but it would be nice in the future if people would finally learn from their damn mistakes.

    Blogs from the Gulf | Gulf of Mexico response | BP <---BP's fake and horribly slanted "news" place they just put together. There's a number of stories so if you want to be horrified how slanted it is, well here ya go. (links on the right side are the other stories and there's so many gems in there I could start an entire thread about them!)
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