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    Default Diaper Mods

    New here so please forgive any ignorance I am bound to display.
    I am very interested in the now closed diaper mod thread for the Sims 3.
    Was there any progress made?
    Did anyone find or make one?
    Thank you.

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    Perhaps you should post an introduction in the Introductions forum. I have a few baby things in .3ds and .obj, as well as textures you can use. I can send them to you if you'd like to make your own mod.

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    I'd be interested in any Sims 3 AB/DL items. I don't know how to mod them myself though.

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    I searched for this on a mod site..... it would be awesome I could make a me!

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    Default circles

    Hmmmm...we all seem to be going in circles here. I have spent quite a fair amount of time searching for an AB/diaper theme Mod for Sims 3. I have searched Mod sites, AB sites, fetish sites, etc.
    It seems quite a few people are interested in one but no one quite knows how to make one. I know nothing about modding.
    Perhaps we could all team up and PAY a modder to make one??
    I'm not sure how to go about this either. I am far from giving up but feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. With all this technology at our fingertips there has to be a way to get what we want.....But how? But how?

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    I might give modding a go, I'll tell your If I learn how to do it

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    I'm not a modder, but JP (My online big bwotha) Is great with it. So from what I've learned from HIM, is that somewhere in every game, everything has a code, which is made into a file. So all you gotta do, is replace the Adult actions and behaviour folder, with the Baby actions and behavior file. Just keep the adult size and look thing, but give them baby personalitys. that's all I can really say. I mod halo CE sometimes, and it's just a matter of replacing the right file.

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    Just checking in to see how progress was going. Not much luck on my side but with the hot summer we're having I haven't been online much.
    Thanks to everyone who has replied.
    Keep fighting the good fight.
    Let us know how it goes Mr. Purple.

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