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    Hey everyone! I'm Travis and I'm not really sure how to talk about myself without sounding egotistical XD. Ok soo I guess I'll start off with the basics? I'm a 17 year old TB and as such in do enjoy playing with my toys and, of course, wearing diapers. Ummm ok besides that I also enjoy doing teenage stuff? Going to movies with my friends playing football. O and I am on the swim team for my school to ! So that's all I have to say for now... MaiNly cause I have no idea what else to say? Anyway thanks for reading all this random stuff my mind vomited up.

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    Hey Travis. I'm Steve, but you can just call me Rocky. I'm 17 too. However, I haven't found the guts to actually buy diapers yet... Nowhere to hide them around my house... So you like football and swimming? That's cool. I used to play football up until after Sophomore year. I wasn't growing outwards, only upwards. And I myself am not a fast swimmer at all, but I'm now on the Cross Country team. Have you thought about college yet? Maybe a major?

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    Nice to meet you! Lol ya I really love swimming done it for like 10 years. Footballs ok but swimmers are bad at football XD I get tackled ALOT.
    Sigh college =_= ya figured I'll most likely go to UT Tyler and major in molecular biology. What I want to is either be a doctor or a nurse and UT Tyler just got the title of number one nursing in Texas so that pretty awsome! Senior year!! Whoo!! So excited! So where do you think you want to do in college and major in and stuff?

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    Hi Travis, welcome to Adisc!

    I have some questions for you, to help you talk about yourself, although you've already told us a lot

    What's your favourite movie/type of movie? My all time favourite has to be Love Actually - I'm a sucker for RomComs and ChickFlicks

    What's your favourite type of music? At the moment I'm going through a massive 'The Corral' phase, so Dreaming of You is constantly on in my flat

    And lastly (a tricky one!) if you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would it be and what would you do?

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    Thanks for welcome ^-^! Ok sooo I don't really have a favorite movie but I LOVE romantic comedies, recently I watched The Bounty Hunter and loved it! And Love Acrually was raeally really good I enjoys that movie. As for music... well being from Texas I completly love country music but besides that I am really getting into emo music? Like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance. Also alternativeish I guess? All Time low, Cartel, new found glory! As for who I would want to spend a day with... that's kind of tough... Not sure maybe Kate Denning? Lol she seems like someone I woould enjoy talking to!
    Ok so now it's my turn to ask something. How can I tell when people have written on my threads? Is there like a notification or something??

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