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    Red face Greetings Everyone

    Hello everyone i'm new and thought i'd introduce myself.
    I am quite shy and this is the first time posting a thread and talking to strangers but we are all one family so it's okay.

    I just recently got a girlfriend and i told her about my "interests", she was absolutly fine about it and said she didn't care what i was into alsong as she was with me.

    It is going really well and i even think she is kinda into the same things as i had her sucking on a dummy the other night as she cuddled up to me.

    Would like to know if any of you have been lucky enough to find that special someone who just wants to be with you regardless.

    Well those are my thoughts peeps.

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    Hey! Congrats with the GF. I myself haven't told any girlfriends as, being only 17, haven't had too many girlfriends... Focusing on other things like playing in a band and just having fun. However, I have told a few friends a tiny bit about it, like that I'd think it would be fun to wear diapers. They were all girls (most of my friends are. They're easy to talk to) and they thought it was really funny and agreed. They didn't realize how serious I was about it....

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    I feel you there girls are easier to talk to and more understanding. Your still young and still have loads of time to find the right person. I don't know about telling my friends about it they would probily freak out. I met my GF the other night and i was wearing a diaper and was making it very obvious as we cuddled and she didn't even say a thing just keept cuddling me, i think this could be the start of something special between us.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Koutei!!!

    Congratulations with your GF. See you on the fourms.


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