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    Time to introduce myself as I've been labeled as a lurker. Not really a lurker, just don't have a lot of time on my hands. That being said-


    I'm 41 years old and love the outdoors, I'm into hiking,bicycling,canoeing/kayaking and live in the mountains as well. I'm into all types of music, have a dog (husky) and love to go on long walks.

    I got into diapers at the age of 5. I was in after school daycare and got to hang around 3 toddlers. This was only for about 6 months, but obviously made an impression on me. The lady would let them run around in nothing but diapers and change them all in right in front of me. I guess I felt left out being the only kid in underwear and receiving less attention than the rest.

    One day I took a diaper (Pampers, the old flat fold style from the big box, too bad it was the Red box-The daytime type and not the Purple- Toddler size or it would have fit me), didn't matter though cause we all know the rest is history.

    When I was 13 I started buying the Pampers Orange box (Extra Large-still a tad small, Why I had to grow up?) with my saved up allowance and hide them in the basement.

    Today I'm a AB/DL and like to play the roll of a 2-3 year old boy, more DL than AB but the AB part is still fun from time to time. I have tried many brands of diapers but find the First Quality to do the job. They're white,plastic, feel good, and don't break the bank. I usually wear on the weekend and like to wear (concealed) in public often.

    I've never seen another AB/DL and would like to meet/hang out sometime.


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