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Thread: New guy here- Bedwetter & DL

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    Default New guy here- Bedwetter & DL

    Hi folks,

    I've had to wear diapers to bed for most of my life. In my late teens, I started getting control, and luckily didn't have to wear diapers in college most of the time. But I had to keep them on hand, because I had a few wet spells.

    In my twenties, it got bad again, and I had to stop being in denial and go back to diapers every night. Lately, I'm starting to have some daytime issues, which come and go, and periodically have been using the Depends printed underwear for men for discreet daytime protection, and cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. (Abena disposables for nights away from home.)

    The doctors never had any answers, and the bedwetting medications didn't work on me.

    In my teens, I had a love/hate relationship with diapers. I hated the fact that I needed them, but started to enjoy wearing them. Hard to explain. But I'm definitely a DL at this point.

    I'm a pretty normal, well-adjusted guy, other than a few kinks, work as a carpenter, like motorcycle riding, and I'm gay. Would love to meet similar guys online or here in Chicago.
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    Welcome dude. Feel free to join the IRC chat on blitzed (#adisc) and make yourself at home! n.n

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    I love Diapers too! I just made a community site, It was loads of fun to make and has more than 600 members in the 2 weeks its been up, so I figure I dint do such a bad job lol

    I'm an AB (well actually a LG) as well as a DL and I live in Sydney, which actually is pretty cold at the minute ug. I cant wait for summer again ) Where bouts do you live?

    Anyways I only joined this site, so I'm gonna look how to make my profile nice and if you ever feel like visiting the site I made, its at

    Lots loves


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