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Thread: Waist size, weight limit?

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    Default Waist size, weight limit?

    Another question.. I've been wearing depends and on the packages they say waist sizes and if I follow thoes I wear a S/M but it also has weight limits and if I follow thoes i wear a L/XL... Which do I follow?

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    Whatever fits best probably. But if the L/XL fits better, use it.

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    Waist size is s/m and that fits best... But why do they put wait limits on them?

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    I have a 38 in waist so I am in the middle I can fit in to boath sizes

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    I find that a lot of these seem to be sized a little small (I think it's more based on women's hip sizes than men's waists). I usually size up in a lot of brands.

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    If it doesn't fit you then it wouldn't be doing anything and the weight limit would become rather irrelevant.

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    Personally, I've never found diaper weight numbers to be accurate. The diaper needs changed WAY before it gets anywhere close to the weight numbers they give!

    Seriously, though, the numbers that they have for waist size and weight really do not correspond to any degree. Unless you are out and out lying about your waist size, those numbers are probably the most accurate to use since the measurements that the diapers are made to go around do not change as a function of wearer weight.

    Go by the waist size, not by weight. If you go by weight, you'll find yourself swimming in extra diaper. If you want to be in a massively oversized diaper, then don't bother with what I've said and you can see just how much weight those things do carry!

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    People are all build differently. You could be tall and fit, or short and fat, and weigh the same...

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    People are all build differently. You could be tall and fit, or short and fat, and weigh the same...
    Yeah, I really don't see how weight should affect how the diaper fits you.

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