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Thread: Windows 8 OS leaked

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    epic failure they should just beef up windows xp instead f making new operating systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by capfluffy View Post
    they should just beef up windows xp instead f making new operating systems
    Given that each OS they create is built upon the last, one could argue that Vista was them "beefing up" Windows XP, just as Windows XP was them "beefing up" Windows 2000 (with a dash of Windows 98/ME, since 2000 was business-orientated, so XP had to bring in some consumer-grade stuff from 98/ME), which was them "beefing up" Windows NT, etc.

    Besides, Windows XP is old and outdated now. Windows 7 is a more than adequate replacement for XP, but a lot of closed-minded people were put off by Vista or kinda grew up with XP, having not really known anything else, so are proving extremely reluctant to try anything else. XP was hugely different to 2000 and 98, and there were plenty of people back in 2001 who refused to upgrade for one reason or another. Now here we are, nine years later, with people trotting out the same arguments against upgrading from XP as they gave against upgrading from 98, ME or 2000.

    So unless you want to list some specific reasons for not upgrading to Windows 7 (besides "it costs money; they should be making upgrades to XP for free!", which is, obviously, retarded - they're a business, after all), which we can then either dismiss for being invalid, or accept and go "fair enough" to, I'm going to lump you in the category of "I refuse to upgrade from WinXP because that's what all the Cool Kids on the Internet are saying".

    Back on topic, I'm taking any leaked Win8 feature lists with a mountain of salt. There were plenty of features for Vista that Microsoft actually promised which never showed up in anything but early leaked builds (that new SQL-based filesystem springs to mind), so the chance of features listed in a leaked presentation actually appearing in the final release is pretty slim, in my opinion.

    That said, I won't complain if we can get some fancy Natal/Kinect-like features, such as having it automagically log you in when you sit down and it sees you on the webcam, and auto-lock when it sees you leave your desk, for example. The Xbox 360's rather underpowered CPU (by today's standards - it was fast in 2005, but I suspect that isn't the case now, almost five years later; sure, the 3.2 GHz clock speed is still damned fast, but Intel's Pentium M, Core and Core 2 technologies meant that we can get more work done per clock cycle than we previously could) can apparently handle Kinect using "10-15%" of the CPU power, so it shouldn't be a problem to run on CPUs available in 2012, or whenever they aim on releasing Windows 8. Even on my desktop's pretty-old-now Core2Duo E6600 (2x 2.4 GHz) running Windows 7 and a whole heap of background apps, the CPU tends to sit around at 10% usage all day, so Kinect should be able to run easily on a shiny new Core i7, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capfluffy View Post
    epic failure they should just beef up windows xp instead f making new operating systems
    That would be a terrible idea. How would they make money without releasing new products? Windows XP is two generations old anyways.

    EDIT: Hello fellow Rhode Islander!

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    obviously microsoft isn't going to calm down for a while... new OS means new licence = more money.

    I hope windows 8 is going to be as refreshing as windows7 was to me.... but probably not, it usually takes microsoft 2-3 versions of windows to come up with something 'new'... I guess windows 8 will be "windows longhorn version 4.0" or in other words: I think they're going to use the same 'basic frame' as windows vista/7 and polish it up a bit.

    still, late 2011 / begin 2012 is still a while.... I'll notice when it comes around, I will test it, and if it's good, crack it Buy it, and use it. Just like I did with all previous versions.

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    "Beefing" up Windows XP would take a lot of work if you think about how different it is to Windows Vista and Windows 7. As Badger said Microsoft builds on OS off the other. Yes im still running XP, but I never had any problems with Windows Vista and I love Windows 7.

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    nothing wrong with using XP, it might be getting outdated, but still usefull in say a business enviroment where you can't just change OS like you change underpants...

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    I keep telling my dad to upgrade to windows 7, but he wants to wait until they fix all of the issues with it. (i dont know of any, does anyone else?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheetaluver View Post
    I keep telling my dad to upgrade to windows 7, but he wants to wait until they fix all of the issues with it. (i dont know of any, does anyone else?)
    There are some general arguments against adopting a new OS until it has been around for some time such as driver compatibility issues, but we're past that point. Really, waiting on an OS "until the kinks are worked out" is a much bigger deal for an IT department than it ever is for a home user.

    FWIW, Windows 7 SP1 is due out in the next few months.

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