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    Hi to everyone from Colorado here! I enjoy all kinds of outdoor fun since I moved here from the Midwest, the state of Colorado is a year-round playground with something for everyone Running, cycling, hiking, camping, skiing are all things I enjoy. Someday I will finish climbing all 58 of the state's mountains above 14,000 feet elevation...

    I have loved wearing and wetting diapers since I was about 8 and tried wearing a baby diaper in my undies. After spending my teen years sneaking diapers I finally got some bigger diapers and pullups that fit me but nothing beats the feeling of a warm and wet Pampers

    Have only met 1 other AB/DL in person and we had some good times enjoying our diapers together and overcoming the shyness of being diapered with another person.

    Only found this site recently and after browsing some forum threads was prompted to join, so here I am Love to chat about old-school punk and new-wave bands, books, politics, any and all things diaper-related.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Colorful Colorado, eh? =)

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    Very nice intro MountainLion. Which mountains have you climbed? I've done Whitney, and I want to do Rainier now that I'm up in WA. Good luck with getting all the ones in Alaska though :P

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here.

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    It's all about Pike's Peak. =P

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    I am near Denver. So far I have hiked up several of the "easier" 14er summits (there is no such thing as an easy 14er) via mostly class 1 and class 2 routes. Quandary was the first one I completed, also hiked up Pikes from the northwest side (very long day), Torreys Peak via Kelso Ridge was my first longer class 3 route. Right now working on developing the experience and collecting the gear necessary for the harder stuff.

    Thanks for the hellos and warm welcome everyone !!!

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    Denver has an awesome music scene. ^.^

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    Welcome to ADISC! I think Denver is a pretty nice city but I have been stuck in the East Coast all my life. I also won in Madden today playing the Broncos so that was cool. How many of the mountains in Colorado have you climbed so far?

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