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Thread: Tapes vs. Pull-ups

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    Exclamation Tapes vs. Pull-ups

    So I've been building my stash and I have noticed there is a surprising difference between diapers that tape and pull-up types... I like the pull ups, easier to put on and fit tighter (Note: I've only bought depends)

    What do you think?

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    how is pull ups easier to put on? you have to take your shoes,pants off totally to get to the pull ups. A taped diaper just needs your pants to be pulled down half mass.

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    I guess I havent mastered the tapes :/ Havent gone out into the world wearing a diaper.. The farthest I've gone is to 7/11 or Goodtimes and it felt weird. I also feel like the taped ones will leak, not so much with the pull-ups

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    Tapes all the way, can get a much better fit and so much more comfortable

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    The tapes always do me the best justice, altho I'm average build and not very slender... Whenever my pull-ups get wet after prolonged wear, they sag and don't do their job. Anyone else had these problems? I can take my fitted diaper on and off to use the toilet or go swimming etc, and keep using it for over 14 hours if not wet. But can't do that with a pull up (even after 3 hours.)

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    I find it better to tape up a diaper while leaning on the wall standing up, I get a better fit all the time than laying down. Don't tape up the bottom tapes too tightly, keep a little loose to allow for movement, its its to tight it will create caps in the back of legs.

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    Goodnites while you are still in the weight range are the best pull up you can get, adult pullups are horrible, they sag and make it really uncomfortable, especially with skin chaffing

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    I like enjoyed Goodnites when I was a young skinny teenager. But I have not been one for many years and have not been able to find anything remotely equivalent in adult sizes. None of them have high enough padding and the side material is too stretchy so it does not hold tight. Tape on briefs are the way to go once you outgrow kids pullups.

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    Exactly what I thought Man, They try to make it fit such a large waist range and it doesn't work, I remember wearing a pull up and the thing sagged into the one leg of my pants and I wasn't ablt to fix it and kept falling to either side. Feels awful.

    They had an overnight version, and it is huge on me, and its medium and I have a 38in waist and it goes over my belly button and I have a good sized belly. It has all the padding in the middle, but not much elsewhere at all. I think they took padding from baby diapers and slapped it in it.

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    I prefer pull-ups as normal diapers give me a rash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jred View Post
    I also feel like the taped ones will leak, not so much with the pull-ups
    Then you are apparently doing something wrong. In my experience the Pull-Ups tend to leak more than the taped ones. Then again, it all depends on what brand you are using.

    Also, I prefer taped diapers simply because most of the pull on style diapers don't really feel like diapers. I often forget that I'm wearing them after a bit. The same thing happens when I wear some of the cheaper taped diapers too, like depend.

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