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Thread: Combining baby diapers?

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    Default Combining baby diapers?

    Could anyone please tell me how? Or provide a link? I apologize if this has been asked, I found nothing in the search bar. Thanks in advance.

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    I would normally just use the tapes from the 2nd one to go onto the front of the first one. Then I would put the tapes from the first one on the back of the 2nd one to help hold it up. Sometime you need to use extra tape and they like to come apart if you wet them heavily.

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    What I did once was I had a Pampers Size 7 and a smaller Pampers. I took the 7 and placed it on my frontside. I took the smaller one and brought the tapes from the 7 onto it. I then put the other side of the 7 against my legpits (?). Then I took the smaller one and taped its tapes onto the 7...

    I probably just confused you even more... Good luck!

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    Just a little Apple, but I got the gist lol Thanks a bunch guys! Oh, and I lol'd at legpits dunno why

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    I did this a few times back when baby diapers were plastic backed. Tape doesn't stick so well to cloth backed.

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    Ive done this all my life I love Pampers and what i did is you get a measuring tape and measure your length and waistband size. then you get a nice heavy tape such as the scotch mailing tape. this is for the length. For the waistband there is the option of using the tape together with stretch part of the pampers and join them together then put it on and that's it. Option #2 is using 4 diapers 2 for the front and two for the back and you have to be pretty accurate with your measure so you can divide the distribution for the waist and for the length. Join bottom part first measuring the length of your back and using the scotch tape for it so it fits snuggly. same thing for the front. after that join two parts together making sure the stretch is more than your combined length and voila a baby Adult Pampers!!!

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    Cool thanks for that, qdpl I'm slightly confused but I'll decipher it lol

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    I don't like combining the actual diapers because the length fits me well enough. What I do is combine the tapes from older/ used ones onto the diaper I'm wearing to make the tapes a little longer while keeping the babyishness and not having to use something like scotch of duct tape.

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    If you have any questions, or are interested, PM me and I'll spell it all out. . . that is, if the length of one baby diaper is enough for you. If not, I really can't help.

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