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    I've been doing a lot of thinking about how i came to be a TB/DL,

    i have Cerebral Palsey. it affects people in a wide varitey and multitude of way but as far as how it affects me, I can't walk and have very limited use of my left hand. As a result my primary mode of transportation is a wheelchair and around the house, i crawl.

    Due to my limited mobility, i get constipation very often and it can get very prolonged (3-5 days inbetween BMs and at it's worst 10-14 days) Which results in bowel and bladder incontinence.

    Getting the diapers were very easy being that I am on Medicaid, they would send me a 6 month supply of Dry-Nites at one time (I say would because, after i moved in with my Aunt, i was eating better and the incontinence stopped and she stopped the deliveries)

    i say one of my triggers is stress (i became a DL after my Freshman Year in High School)

    The summer before my 9th grade year, i had my hamstrings lenghthened (spelling error) and i was put on cocktail of painkillers (Vicoden and Perkocetts) and to keep from getting too constipated, i was put on Miralax and Dulcolax

    Within 16 hours I had 6 blowouts, they tried downing the dose, but then i would be in severe, doubled-over, pain from the stomach cramps At the Rehabilitation Hospital i was staying at, there was one more option....Diapers

    Pull-Up style was out due to my 2 full length leg casts i had on, so briefs were the only option. Attends Breathable Briefs. They had to work on my size because at the time i only weighed 70 pounds, but they finally settled on Youth Size

    The changes felt so good and i can't describe it, it was magical, and that night, ill never forget it.

    The LNA even gave me Pedialyte-in a bottle and stayed with me until i fell asleep

    The next morning, i realized i had been change during the night. i had slept through a change.

    All of that nights events marked a new era in the TB side of me, for the entired 3 and a half months i was there, i was diapered 24/7 and after i left, i actually i missed the treatment

    What's Your Story??

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    I'm not IC but when i went to hospital for my first ACL reconstruction of my right knee using the hamstring I had to stay at hospital for 3 or 4 days, and since I wet the bed the nurses there diapered me overnight for those few days I was there; they used Tena Maxi small, and medium on me, tena have great diapers as I found out
    It's good that in Australia the hospitals use actual quality diapers, although it was a womans and childrens hospital.
    Because of all the morphine I was on I had a weak bladder while I stayed there and drank a lot of water and juice because my throat was dry all the time ( either from the morphine or the air conditioning I don't know) but I got changed about 5 times each night from drinking about 2 liters of water almost every night from my sore dry throat.
    I guess that could be a little story of slight incontinence as I had very weak bladder there, and had to use the diapers at night as I wasn't going to get up off of my bed in the middle of the night , with a leg brace on that barely held my knee straight and together, to take off the diaper and take a pee in a toilet at the end of the isle ( which I needed help with anyway as i could barely get even a tiny trickle of pee going on the toilet, just to goto the toilet).
    Well i did have an eventful stay at the hospital it seems and that was like a year ago ( and I've already accidentally stuffed up my ACL again ( I think that's Anterior Cruciate Ligament, the ligament that holds the bones together at the knee)).

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