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Thread: How long does XP Med take to ship to Florida?

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    Default How long does XP Med take to ship to Florida?

    I want my mom to order me some abena supers next week. I need them to come in when she and my dad are on vacation (so my dad does not know). XP Med's website says 1-7 days. I need it between 2-6 days. Is this possible. Also how about pacifiersrus?

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    Their faq says you can choose a faster method at checkout. If not try, they have abenas too and offer 3 day shipping, or even next day if you wanna waste 30 bucks :P. Standard ground will likely take 7 days.

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    I am in NY & if I order them on a Tuesday morning they are at my door Friday morning. So maybe about the same time or a day later I would guess.

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    Call or email Gary and ask. Those diapers now ship from Michigan, because it's central to the USA, more than California, anyhow. I get them in 5 days to Connecticut, more or less, depending on the weekend's place in the timeline.

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    We got ours in about 3 days.

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    5 days from California... 4 days (3 if you're lucky) from Michigan

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    Don't get your hopes up for x # of days. Unless you pay for next day. 2-day, ect. delivery its up to FedEx, UPS, USPS. There are a lot of variables

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    I emailed them asking the same about Iowa/Nebraska.

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    i am in ohio and i get them in 3 days providing i do not order them on a friday. but regular as clock work of 3 days. at their regular shipping rate.

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